Challenging My Birth with the Blood of Jesus

Scriptures 1chr. 4:9-10, Ps. 3:1-8, 11:3, Job.3:1-13, Eccl.16:1-endMatt.2:1-23; 3:10, 28-30; 15:13.John.9:1-39, 1cor.15:40-41 CONFESSION But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine

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Action Orientation

If you do not take action, your dreams will remain realities in the invisible world Newton’s first law of motion says; “all objects remain at a state of rest until

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Talk Success

Words are seeds. The realities of our lives today are to a large extent harvests from the seeds we sowed with our mouth yesterday. One of the most powerful resources

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Feel Successful

Positive emotion aids good health while negative emotions destroys one’s health Imagine a guy- call him John- who comes into his house fagged out, having worked all day. He lies

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