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Constellation sets Q1 Date for NLP Licensed Practitioner’s Program and Coaching

Constellation sets Q1 Date for NLP Licensed Practitioner’s Program and Coaching
January 09
10:09 2017

Constellation (INL), an international consulting and coaching company has concluded arrangements for a nine day long NLP Licensed practitioner Training in Nigeria. It promises to be a landmark event in management executive training for corporate Nigeria.

The coaching programme which holds from March 2017 will see Constellation imparting knowledge from its flagship training course outline, the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Licensed Practitioner International Certification program. Geared towards imbibing a culture of coaching, people enhancement, communication, and change management skills in leaders of organizations, the programme is expected to benefit major top executives and senior H.R. Practitioners in corporate Nigeria and West Africa.

This programme is in line with the global shift from classroom based training to other forms of experiential learning such as coaching.

The NLP certification is targeted at helping leaders deviate from the traditional ‘carrot and stick’ and ‘threaten and train’ approach which causes several forms of negative results such as early burnout, low commitment, poor performance, among others.

Fit for this program are a wide array of persons in leadership positions such as Board Executives, Sales teams, Influencers, H.R Practitioners, Experienced Trainers, Teachers et al.

What is this NLP? The concept as conceived by NLP co- creators will be explained and practiced in a simple way that imparts deep and permanent understanding in a purposefully active learning environment.

NLP is the most practical, results-driven method there is for detecting, understanding and controlling our conscious and unconscious thinking. Constellation Group will show participants how to harness the power of NLP and apply it to yourself and others – individually, in business and as a coach at our NLP Practitioner Training.



What makes the difference between coaching, mentoring, counseling and psychotherapy? Who needs a coach? How can one begin to coach others almost immediately? These and many more, the program will shed more light on.

Attitudinal imbalances such as limiting beliefs, phobias, depression, fear of failure, burnout, and lack of motivation, which now pervade the corporate world, will be dissected and dismantled during the sessions.

Structuring mutually satisfactory relationships with a company’s best people and nurturing employees’ development in sync with organizational goals will form one issue to be focused on. Though a lot of strides have unarguably been made in several components of business disciplines, a full grasp of understanding subjective human behavior which are not readily identified even by feedback and assessment mechanisms have not yet been attained. The coaching will also explore this area.

Constellation’s cutting edge specialty is in coaching Top and Mid-level Managers. It endeavors to acknowledge and honor the individuality of the coachee in a customized manner. The company’s philosophy is based on the premise that there is the brilliance of a star in each person. So when the Constellation team collaborates with your own corporate team, its from the perspective of a collaboration of stars. Constellation Executive Coaching is way distinct from other forms of Coaching such as Life Planning, Career Counseling, health advice, public speaking etc. Rather, what it does is to serve as an outsourced supplier of candor, providing executives with objective, sword-sharp feedback needed to catalyze their growth.

Entrenched within the core of the program are diverse cognitive skills among which are; Understanding Language, Communication and behavior; Rapport skills and pattern detection; developing perceptual positions; Assessing nonverbal cues; understanding personal congruency and the unconscious mind; NLP language models; Phobia resolution; Management of high performance states, to mention a few.

A crown in the icing of the program is its international standardized nature. As the certificates to be disbursed from the program are signed by the Nigeria n Lead Coach, Mrs. Joké Coker (J.C.) and Co-creator of NPL worldwide, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Leading the Constellation (Formerly INL) is Oyejoke Coker (J.C.), a highly accomplished global executive with more than 25 years of success within financial services, telecommunications, banking and now coaching. She leverages extensive corporate leadership, both domestically and internationally. She is a much sought-after Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She serves on various corporate and philanthropic boards.


She brings a unique combination of corporate experience into the Executive Coaching; Team Coaching; Life Coaching and Business Coaching arena.


As a widely recognized thought leader, J.C. is a frequent keynote speaker on a range of topics including NLP, Coaching, Motivation, Team building and emerging markets. She is a guest lecturer at the Lagos Business School where she analyzes business strategy case studies with MBA students.


Continuous and never ending improvements would serve as a key tool for the progress of all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. It is only through such acquisition and sharpening of such required skills on a regular basis that corporate entities can build their workforce and prepare them for the challenges of a dynamic global economic environment.

Compaines, particularly, the multinationals that understand the need for such regular upgrading of executives’ toolkit can now save scarce foreign exchange by taking advantage of these global standard opportunities now made available in Nigeria.

According to the Lead coach, Mrs. Joké Coker, in a recent chat with journalists “We believe in human excellence and the capacity to overcome challenges. As a leader, it’s not what happens to you that matters (in work, life or play), its your chosen response that determines the quality of the outcomes you achieve!’ Great International speakers such as Tony Robbins have been trained Mr Bandler who co- signs the Constellation NLP Practitioner’s certificate which will be available in Nigeria in Q1, 2017.

Coker further identified that Constellation Coaching Group also has programs available for aspiring or existing coaches who seek to develop an expertise in the field or raise their game to a higher level. Such persons would be coached on how to open an entrepreneurial NLP practice, acquire membership of the NLP society and get a globally accredited practitioner license.






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