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A husband to die for…This is why Finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, loves her husband

A husband to die for…This is why Finance minister, Kemi Adeosun, loves her husband
April 30
06:02 2017

Many women would kill to have Niyi Adeosun, the husband of Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun as; and among other things, he illumines her world with the bliss and charm of a fairy God. Kemi loves to think of him as her personal genie, heaven’s best gift to her since she got married.

Kemi feels blessed and extremely lucky because her husband, Niyi, makes it too easy for her to be a public figure. While the finance minister goes about her work, her beloved husband takes care of  homefront, and their three children who live in London.  However, if Niyi is not in London, he would be at the Ikoyi Club playing squash and generally having fun with people who want one favour or the other from his wife.

Kemi is no doubt a lucky woman, unlike too many of her peers who dissipate much of their energy doing public work with no one to support them at the home front. Loneliness soon begins to afflict them; and they face even greater challenges as they are frequently involved in squabbles with their husbands who persistently detest their inability to fulfill their marital obligations due to the demands of their high offices. Thus it is always lonely nights of agonies day after day, until time permits them to take a quick break to fulfill other crucial obligations in their lives. But it is often the case that when they take time off to attend to other pressing obligations, it is always too late.

More importantly is the take-away from this narrative – the clear appreciation of the contributions strong women selflessly provide by giving of themselves to the country. This is aided by husbands who realize that they cant do it without the support structure and the support and approval of the husband and their children who have to endure a change in normalcy.

It is trite knowledge that juggling work and home and achieving a balance is difficult in all climes, none more demanding than in a culture that holds steadfast to traditional roles.

This is remarkable and we have seen examples of such in the past from husbands of Oby Ezekwesili, Ifueko Omoiguo-Okaro, Dora Akinyuli and Ngozi Okonjo-iweala; to mention a few.

Adeosun recently turned 50,  young looks bely real age but the maturity with which she is steering her home affairs gives a hint of how she has come of age; blessed with grown children who are a credit to the family and indeed their parentage, surviving without scandals – such that often at times rock such homes and brings to fore the traditional concerns.


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  1. Gabe
    Gabe September 13, 19:17

    I really Mrs admire kemi with her natural beauty, doggedness, and fluency as well intelligence.

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