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Breaking News! Would Ooni of Ife Succumb To The Pressure To Take A New Wife? Why Olori Wuraola Is Running Hither and Thither.

Breaking News! Would Ooni of Ife Succumb To The Pressure To Take A New Wife? Why Olori Wuraola Is Running Hither and Thither.
August 10
14:47 2017

Forget the onomatopoeia, monarchy and polygamy are like two peas in a pod; they, almost always, go together. When the monarch in question now happens to be a very young man, yet, gregarious and genial, the pressure to have as many wives to fill the rooms in the palace becomes even more overbearing.
This, sources close to the youthful Oba Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ooni of Ife, say, is the major battle he is being confronted with. And those who are mounting the pressure do have good grounds for doing so. In his 40s, the tall, dark and handsome monarch has always been a hit with women on account of his smouldering good looks and deep pocket even long before he was enthroned. Women now worship the ground he treads.
A jolly good man, the pressure to get the Ooni to marry another wife is therefore predicated on the need to avoid any case of accidental discharge that might rubbish the traditional institution he represents. Though married to beautiful Olori Wuraola, the Ooni is reckoned to be at an impressionable age, his level of power, influence and street cred nevertheless, to actually take his eyes off fine females.
As of now, surreptitious moves are being made to get the respectable king to fill his multi-million naira palace with as many women as can satisfy His Royal Majesty’s libido.

In Africa, especially in this part, kings enjoy massive royal influence so much that if they chose to teem their palaces with as many women as they so wish, they are not expected to be questioned by any human, rather, they should be given all the support to make their wishes come to fruition; this overriding influence is so pronounced in the South West that the Yorubas call kings ‘Kabiyesi,’ which literally translates to ‘he whose actions cannot be questioned. But his beautiful wife is not having any of these traditional postulations.
On arrival from a trip recently, Olori Wuraola scurried to the home of a former President  to intervene and probably advise her husband not to be influenced to get another wife after all their marriage is just a year and few months old. Olori Wuraola is, no doubt, still basking in the stratospheric adulation that comes with being the apple of the Ooni’s eyes. Pray, who wouldn’t? She is still her winsome self but her utopian role as the woman who titillates and tends to every need of the powerful monarch; the woman who ensures that the royal libido never lacks attention and excitement, is being threatened.
According to a source, so besotted with Olori Wuraola is the Ooni that he doesn’t let her out of his sight for too long else he would be lovelorn and forlorn. Whether the former president would intervene or the Ooni succumbs to taking another wife remains to be seen.

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