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If Rolls Royce Makes The Man, UBA Boss, Kennedy Uzoka, Would Be A Monster Now…

If Rolls Royce Makes The Man, UBA Boss, Kennedy Uzoka, Would Be A Monster Now…
January 03
15:40 2018

• Inside His  Paradise Of Treats And Luxury Cars
• What other billionaires could learn from Tony Elumelu’s boy

Kennedy Uzoka is a dandy soul. Beneath his expensive suits and unassuming demeanour lies a posh and groovy character. But despite his inclinations for luster, he understands that vanity is the ugliest armour a Midas could wear hence he aspires to humility even under the full weight of privilege and his epic stature.

The Managing Director (MD) of United Bank of Africa (UBA), understands covets the beauty of being draped in the finery that constricts the heart and soul hence his predilection for expensive cars, suits, jewelry and among other treats.

Yet Kennedy would rather be seen as a pure and modest man than a tiresome magpie, forever looking down on the world, thinking how ugly and despicable his fellow men are.

Despite his privileged status, Kennedy maintains a quiet life. The maverick bank chief who is reputed for his disciplined banking culture, effortlessly exudes dignity and class; he projects a rare image emblematic of the nucleus and undying essence that symbolized business and social capital before contemporary celebrities were born.

Kennedy lives like a man of true character and quiet nobility thus you can only see him flaunt his expensive toys, like his state of the art Rolls Royce, when he cruises to church on Sundays; even though he owns the latest edition of the posh automobile, Kennedy is very modest about his dazzling piece of steel. He doesn’t attempt to hurl it in the face of peers or rival bank chiefs even as several fake billionaires with outrageous debt burdens, flaunt lesser versions of the car with vulgar zeal.

Kennedy apparently detests mindless ostentation but he is never apologetic for being successful and rich. Hence while he keeps a very low profile in the social arena, he lives like royalty in his private palace. You could be forgiven for likening his life to the charmed existence of Saudi’s Crown Prince or the Prince of Dubai; Kennedy’s mansion at Osborne Foreshore, Ikoyi, dazzles like pure emerald, particularly with its litter of expensive cars, which would definitely make Skymit Motors and Mandilas among others, go green with envy.

Besides his amazing business ethic, modesty, expensive suits and toys, the children and wife of the UBA chief are sources of unmitigated joy to him; this explains his decision to give them the best of everything but with caution. While other bank chiefs and lesser billionaires ply their kids with choice cars and expensive gifts, Kennedy aspires to give them the best Ivy League education. He understands that the world is controlled by men and women with sound education hence he educates his children in some of the best schools in London, United Kingdom.

But while the world marvels at the industry and class of the UBA chief, he never fails to let anyone know that he owes his epic rise and attainments to God and UBA chairman, Tony Elumelu. Had the latter not made him MD, Kennedy would have no means of showing and establishing his worth.

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