If Every Billionaire Were Like Mike Adenuga…Why He Stays Away From Murky Politics

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If Every Billionaire Were Like Mike Adenuga…Why He Stays Away From Murky Politics

If Every Billionaire Were Like Mike Adenuga…Why He Stays Away From Murky Politics
February 26
13:22 2018

Yes, very few of members of Nigeria’s affluent club can achieve every great feat in their youth and remain quiet and self-effacing, like an avatar of the Himalayan thrust. The respected entrepreneur extraordinaire, Dr. Mike  Ishola Adenuga Jnr. GCON, CSG, CLH, attains great feats with unusual finesse and yet carry on with no false air of modesty.

While some are busy pushing status and their immense bulk in a desperate dash for socioeconomic and political acclaim, Adenuga affects tact and humility, without ostentation or pretence. Hence his very loud silence in the public arena despite his very intimidating stature.

Adenuga is a force of nature. A rare factor on the African continent. Some would liken him to ‘The Factor’ on the African continent, a towering force of hope and entrepreneurial depth. The image that pops in the head every time he looms large in conversations and events within and outside the business world.

The Globacom chairman brings brilliance and passionate intensity to entrepreneurship. A smart business person, Adenuga is a bold disrupter of the telecoms model. And Nigeria and Africa are the better for it. He enables telecoms in a way no other magnate has done. His forays into the business sector are richly layered and iconic.

Findings revealed that he is currently one of the very few economic giants and magnates enjoying the respect of several world leaders courtesy his enviable business culture. Unlike most of his peer who are too busy poking their noses in the murky politics and intrigues of their respective states and even neighbouring territories, Adenuga simply focuses on his enterprise and applies himself to it conscientiously and with a towering sense of personal and professional business ethics.

Sources close to him revealed that he abhors the smudge and perils of cutthroat politics. This is why his businesses are never mired in dirt or fraudulence of any kind.
A passionate devotee to telecoms business and communication across Africa, Adenuga is a patriot whose commitment to national and economic stability are beyond doubt.

Adenuga wears his entrepreneurial strength and savvy like a badge of honour, on his chest; shining it with sweat, as true virtuous men do. He stands tall, wading through odds with the courage of a knight and confidence of a champion.
Yes, unlike the proverbial warrior who lives to sing the song of his own deeds and derring-do, Adenuga remains impressively humble and immune to conceit, treading a rare path to acclaim thus, attracting honour in torrents, from home and abroad. Rather than submitted to the rigours and pressures of commerce, he towers in excellence thus creating a powerhouse that Africa can be proud of.

Frequently likened to a champion and oftentimes, a business genius, the Grand Commander of the Order of Niger, effortlessly depicts the image of a modern day General of Commerce.

Little wonder, in homage to his humanity and relentless strides at rewriting the African business narrative, the French government recently invested him with a Knight of the Legion of Honour (Chevalier de la Legion d Honneur), the highest French decoration and one of the most famous in the world and coveted by global leaders.

Funnily enough, notwithstanding his depth as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and citizen of humanity, Adenuga covets no vanities thus unlike many of other billionaires; he demands no free verses, heroic couplets or ornamental rhymes to glorify his personage as a man. Adenuga is hardly given to such infectious vanities.

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