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Will NPA Boss, Hadiza Bala Usman, Ever Remarry?

Will NPA Boss, Hadiza Bala Usman, Ever Remarry?
March 10
07:23 2018

*Why She Dumped Taminu Yakubu

 * Her Relationship With Nuhu Ribadu


To Hadiza Bala Usman, the MD of Nigeria Port Authority, NPA, love was the thorn that pricked her strides in the valley of marriage. She hurt and bled from sting.  Since her celebrated marriage to Taminu Yakubu, the former chief economic adviser to late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, crashed, she has put her heart under lock and key.

Funnily enough, marriage was never popular with Hadiza because it combined the maximum of temptation with the maximum of opportunity. She would never be moved by such squalid lusts.

Yes, Hadiza truly loved her estranged husband, Taminu Yakubu, until irreconcilable differences caused their marriage to crash irretrievably. Bliss deserted their marriage in unexpected hours, like a crushed knight fleeing the gates of a fallen fortress. Thus her marriage to Taminu crashed irredeemably, while they were busy doing other things.

While no one is sure if they would ever reconcile and remarry, it is an open  secret that the couple are happy without each other. At a point she was very, very close to Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu.  Yes, they were very close.

However, so fulfilled is she that she has no plans to remarry anytime soon. Hadiza is lovable no doubt. Many regard her as the new privileged boss of one of the country’s cash cows. But her closest circuit of friends liken her to a seraph in human form.

Business associates and underlings at work consider her a sapphire bust with the life of a mortal even as the random acquaintance speaks glowingly of her. Men and women worth their salt are falling over each other to secure her audience and earn her good graces.

Everybody wants to be Hadiza’s friend. But while it may be true that too many magnates and members of high society are jostling to break into her select circuit of friends and earn her patronage, some of them are simply won over by Hadiza’s position.

It is an open secret that besides the warmth she radiates, Hadiza flaunts an enticing persona that quite a number socialites, public officers and politicians would kill to be endowed with or invest unquantifiable resources to date her even for just one minute.

Hadiza is also a dream bride to every man: married or not. This is because she personifies good breeding, quality education, an impressive portfolio and intimidating bank account.

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  1. Ibrahim m kankia
    Ibrahim m kankia March 10, 08:36

    Hadiza,has distinct exceptional qualities that Will Make any man go crazy, not withstanding,she needs to open her hearth and re-mary bcz fame,beauty and fat bank account depreciates over time

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  2. SulaimanAkko
    SulaimanAkko March 10, 20:51

    The issue of marriage and re-marriage is her private life,so pld let’s leave this woman alone.Is better we discuss her achivements or otherwise in office.

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  3. Ibrahim Abdu Tudun Wada
    Ibrahim Abdu Tudun Wada March 10, 23:36

    My dearest sister forget the past and look into the future. Time wait for no one.

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  4. James
    James March 11, 12:49

    She’s beautiful, has one of the most powerful jobs in the country, has political connections up to the presidency and has a fat bank account to boot. What else can a man provide her that she hasn’t done for herself? There lies her dilemma.

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