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Unveiled! Meet The Mother Of Aliko Dangote’s Daughters

Unveiled! Meet The Mother Of Aliko Dangote’s Daughters
March 11
13:28 2018


Bet a lot of people don’t know the mother of Aliko Dangote’s daughter, Fatima. She was at the pre-wedding party in Kaduna last night. She is such a beautiful woman. To her loved ones, she is rare gem.  If you ask  her children, they would easily tell you that she is that rare icon fate invents to stun mortality. There is nothing gorgeous about being draped in the finery that constricts the heart and soul. She understands this priceless fact hence her predilection for modesty and unabashed humility. The ravishing socialite who is reputed for her quiet demeanour effortlessly exudes dignity and class.

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  1. Rumbu
    Rumbu March 11, 19:26

    well I, wish them happiness in their wedding and prayed that they will not do as Ganduje’s daughter wedding.

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