7 dangerous stylish trends

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7 dangerous stylish trends

7 dangerous stylish trends
September 21
07:18 2018

Death by fashion! While for some people, that may be an interesting way to transcend to the beyond, it is even more frustrating when the cause of eventual death was something that was meant to make a living statement. Makeover lists a few dangerous stylish trends and fashion items women need to take care wearing.

High-heeled shoes
Pointy shoes have a tendency to lose their balance and may end up causing fracture. Aside that, they put too much pressure on the ankles; they cause cramping on the legs and even affect circulation. And it is obvious what will eventually happen when a person doesn’t have blood flowing properly throughout the body.

Tight pencil skirts
Pencil skirts look lovely on women, especially because of the effects on the shape. However, it is not uncommon to have challenges doing the simple task of walking if your knees are scrunched together from the base of your too-tight pencil skirt. You risk some injury to your bones and muscle and the more dangerous possibility of a very bad fall.

Shape underwear
The idea of shape underwear is to create the illusion of a figure. While it is a short-term answer to weight loss issues, the long-term effects are not as enticing. It affects breathing and may even end up causing back and waist pain if used for too long. For best results, don’t cheat nature. Get some exercise. Better still, embrace your real self and understand that you’re much more than the illusion of vain-perfection. It’s an illusion, after all.

Skinny jeans
One of the beautiful things about skinny jeans is that they help to accentuate beautiful legs. Some fashion enthusiasts also claim it gives a sense of being taller than usual. However, skinny jeans can slow down blood circulation. Also, since women are advised to wear breathable underwear, skinny jeans may make one prone to infections, which may, in the long run, affect fertility.

Unfitted bras
Ill-fitting bras are very uncomfortable for many women. However, because of sentimental value (some women have been known to find it hard to let go of certain fashion items) or simply because the design is cute, it seems like acceptable punishment to wear a bra that doesn’t fit. This is a no-no, as it will affect the lady’s overall health eventually. Breathing and circulation problems are usually associated with such bra-inspired decisions.

Oversized handbags
Rather than carry a backpack which will effectively distribute the weight of the load around the body, many women are known to prefer very large handbags. They are very stylish and look beautiful when they are filled out. As such, they are rarely loosely packed. When such bags are lugged around, they create terrible posture, cause back pain and even affect the chest and shoulders as well.

Heavy, low-quality jewellery
Whether earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, aside ensuring you invest in quality items, endeavour to find out if your skin isn’t sensitive to the material used to make the jewellery. Also, don’t wear them too often, especially in harsh weather. It is important to use quality jewellery to reduce the risk of harsh chemicals contaminating the skin.

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