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Perfidy-Personified!!! Why Kola Karim Cannot Be Trusted…How He Betrayed Diezani Allison-Madueke And Dumped His Governorship Aspirant-Younger Brother

Perfidy-Personified!!! Why Kola Karim Cannot Be Trusted…How He Betrayed Diezani Allison-Madueke And Dumped His Governorship Aspirant-Younger Brother
January 08
21:55 2019

By Según Femi Oredola

Treachery and perfidy are, usually, the anti-climax of trusting and putting one’s faith in another man. Ask Mrs Diezani Allison-Madueke, the beleaguered former Minister of Petroleum; she knows this much, especially from her experience with Kola Karim, the Forbes-rated influential businessman and Group Managing Director/CEO, Shoreline Group.

Those days when the sun set and rose from Diezani’s end of the world, she had many yes-men ready and willing to sever their limbs if that would make her just grin. And these were no mere men. They were men who, courtesy the graciousness of the doe-eyed minister, control multi-million dollar businesses.

They were beholden to, grovel before her and literally worship the firma she treads. And she must have felt that when the chips are down or fate deals her a bad hand as it has, these men would be her bulwark against natural or man-made adversaries. The reverse however has been the case as Diezani has been dumped by those who used to swear by her name.

The former minister is reported to be even more pained by the desertion by Kola, until her intervention, a London-based struggling commodity trader she singlehandedly reinvented the wheels of his life and turned into a bona fide millionaire.

Today, Kola is reported not to take the calls of his former benefactor who is battling several legal and health issues. But those who know the Ibadan, Oyo State-born Kola are not totally surprised at the treatment he has meted out to Diezani. They say perfidy is second nature to him and that no one is spared this congenital deportment, not even his own blood, so far his own nest remains feathered. And they recall how he cost his brother, Ayo Karim, the chief executive officer of Costain (West Africa) Plc, the governorship ticket of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Oyo State.

According to these redoubtable sources, Kola was initially interested in the Oyo State governorship but his dithering and ambivalence and refusal to activate his interest when other serious politicians started pointed to disinterest or unpreparedness. However, Ayo was prevailed on to throw his hat into the ring and before long, his Ayo Ni O slogan, preaching a message of quality representation and a brighter future for all and sundry, soon turned him into the darling of Oyo State indigenes at home and abroad.

Ayo’s instant fame shook the political firmament, echoes of which reached his brother who figured it could have been him. Instead of throwing his weight behind his brother, Kola blocked some of Ayo’s revenue streams and rendered his campaign insolvent. Popular sloganeering and good looks don’t win elections in Nigeria; money, basically, does. Ayo didn’t have such funds and he lost out the party’s governorship ticket to Bayo Adelabu, the former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Ayo hasn’t forgiven Kola for making him miss a golden opportunity that would have cemented their family name in the pantheon of Oyo greats. At present, the brothers are not on speaking terms neither do they see eye to eye. But what does Kola care? He wasn’t going to get the seat, so nobody should, regardless of filial bond. With the intensity of the acrimony, it is unlikely the brothers can ever find common ground again.

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