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BREAKING! NAPIMS Boss, Roland Ewubare, Denies Having Love Affair With Gail Fajembola

BREAKING! NAPIMS Boss, Roland Ewubare, Denies Having Love Affair With Gail Fajembola
February 11
06:25 2019


Contrary to insidious insinuations that the NAPIMS head honcho, Roland Ewubare and Gail Fajembola are having love affair, close friends of Roland say nothing can be further from the truth. The well-read individual and thoroughbred professional is not finding rumours of his liaison with Gail funny at all. The rumour peddlers say  Roland cannot imagine ever saying no to Gail because he literally worships the grounds on which she treads and turns to jelly in her celestial presence. And like a yo-yo, Gail manipulates the Harvard-trained lawyer for her selfish ends. Many are incensed and enraged about the rumour, which they described as a well-choreographed cocktail of lies.They said the rumour-mongers are just trying to distract Roland for God knows what.

Friends of Roland are, however, vouching for him and swearing by their mothers’ names that he is not such an individual who would allow the spontaneity of his emotions to overpower him. According to Roland, It was his friend, Tunde Ayeni, the embattled former chairman of Skye Bank, that introduced Gail Fajembola to him when he was looking for who to furnish his house in Banana Island. While noting that he was introduced to Gail by Tunde himself on business level, having an affair with her is not only beggars belief, but skirts moral boundaries. Roland  also disclosed that he is too busy and morally upright to be involved in such trysts. He is God-fearing and good family man.

Tunde Ayeni-2

However, according to Roland’s apologists, “We, therefore, urge the public to disregard the report, which as far as we are concerned, is a product of the puerile imagination of the writers who have clearly demonstrated that they have an axe to grind with the widely respected professional.”

Interestingly, however, Gail Fajembola has been in the news for days now. Yes, it is the eyes of a child that fears a painted devil, so goes a popular saw, but when the painted devil is a ravishing female who is close to powerful men in the society, she becomes a  newsmaker of sort. If by virtue of her sass and unrivalled wiles, she wins the heart of rich businessmen and  she succeeds in turning them into her parlour pets and gets them to wag their tails in utter submission to her craziest whim. You can call her a czarina if you like.

If she is devious enough, she exploits her position to amass great fortune for herself, often at another woman’s expense. With unparalleled dexterity and finesse, she wields money like a utility weapon; sometimes like a hideous cloak, often like a deadly dagger. She adds inordinate vile to her already chilling nature and thus becomes terror to the most valiant of men. She is Gail Fajembola and she could ruin a man with an imperceptible smile.

However, as you read, the reality of the flipside of life has begun to dawn on Cynosure Interior Designs boss, Gail, with the arrest of her benefactor, Tunde Ayeni, the beleaguered former chairman of Skye Bank Plc who has been accused of mismanaging the funds of the bank. 

 According to unconfirmed online reports , together, they called the shots at the bank. She was as popular in the bank’s headquarters as a regular worker.  She also had a multi-million naira showroom opened for her business. Blessed with a beauty and skin colour that can illuminate a pitch-dark room, and candour and charm that command attention, Gail, now in her early 50s, is still irresistible to both genders. That is why many a billionaire’s wife afraid of Gail.

If there is an angel in Gail, only her friends  enjoys  the good pleasure of her (the angel)’s company. To the staff of  Skye Bank then, Gail loomed large and domineeringly, like the legendary Cleopatra. Cleopatra VII Philopator, known to history simply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt and in her wake, an immense cache of literature celebrating at once, her notoriety and loveliness, captivates the world, even as you read. Could Gail be truly likened to the legendary Cleopatra? Ask the beleaguered staff of the bank. Although she holds no legitimate position of authority in the financial institution, the fear of Gail back then was the beginning of wisdom.

However, men desire her and women court her friendship. If you believed that the gods were real, then Gail is the masterpiece. Her face and some cleavage could get her anything and anyone; she only needed to smile before new prospects start jumping through hoops to please her. Senate President Bukola Saraki was once her very good friend.


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