Bad news for Nigeria’s scarlet women as hard times hit the OTC

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Bad news for Nigeria’s scarlet women as hard times hit the OTC

April 17
23:36 2016

The hard times are here. As the days squeeze harder, poets bleed ink and prominent magnates count their losses under a dark pall of austerity and sorrow. Stealthily, every human constituent await the proverbial moment when the clouds would part to bathe their darkest hour in eternal sunshine. In this atmosphere of loss and cheerlessness, the world gets set once again for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in the United States of America.

As preparations for the conference intensify, women of shady reputation and character get set to for their usual exploits in the business fair. Like vain, silly, transparent coxcombs without either solid talents or estimable nature, ladies of various vanities and character throng the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in desperate quest for the ever elusive deep-pocket.

Findings revealed that many of the pretty ladies prowling the halls of the event like predators in search of prey actually know nothing about the philosophy behind the conference. As usual, they would be attending the conference to fish for rich and powerful men.

These ladies are guided by the reasoning that no matter how upright or dignified a rich man is, there is a tendency to ‘misbehave’ when he is not within his wife’s reach and when seminars are far in between. This ‘trade’ has been so mastered by many of the ladies that they don’t have to fix a date or venue for their much sought trysts to take place, they come fully kitted and prepared to engage in various kinds of romantic and sexual escapades. To ensnare their prey, these women appear in very seductive outfits and poses to taunt and entrap the richest of men. But not this year again.

The prohibitive dollar exchange rate with the naira and President Muhammadu Buhari’s gospel of change has imposed severe austerity on the country’s magnates and participants at the OTC thus making it impossible women of easy virtues to cash in on fun-seeking participants at the global conference. Apart from the Americans that will feel the low patronage at the clubs and shopping malls during this year’s event, the conference’s organisers will host actual oil and energy magnates and not the charlatans that frequented the event’s past editions.

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