Betrayal looms in Delta Government between Ibori and Okowa

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Betrayal looms in Delta Government between Ibori and Okowa

Betrayal looms in Delta Government between Ibori and Okowa
February 25
12:01 2016

…how Okowa is frustrating Ibori’s men out of his Govt

Though in incarceration, the former governor, James Ibori, is still powerful in Delta State as he continues to influence decisions in the state. But it seems the present governor of the state, DrOkowa, will not give in to being a push-around as reports making the round suggest that the Governor has been trying to sieve out all Ibori’s elements from his government even though it was believed that James Ibori is the political god-father of Okowa.

According to Thewill, barely 9 months after coming to power, all doesn’t seem well in Delta State, as there is a looming showdown between Governor Okowa and his mentor, James Iborias the present Governor sidelines Ibori’s appointed men in his cabinet.

After Ibori’s loyalist, chiefIghoyotaAmori, lost his seat at the Senate to an Appeal Court ruling in Benin, the embittered chief has reported to his boss and opines that Governor Okowa and his men are the brain behind his exist from the chamber.

He also believes he is the first casualty in Okowa’s bid to clip the wings of his boss, James Ibori and his henchmen, who many believe to be his primary source for any decision being made in the State.

Since Okowa’s assumption to office as the Governor, after riding on Ibori’s support and that of former Niger-Delta militant commander, Chief Government Ekpemupolo (Tompolo) to clinch the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) ticket in the state, elements in his camp led by his principal secretary, Mr. Hillary Ibegbulem have been trying to frustrate Ibori’s men out of the state government.

But despite Amori’s denial in a text message to Thewill correspondent that he accused Okowa of complicity in his ouster at the Senate, one source close to him said though the politician had openly expressed gratitude to Okowa for his support, inwardly he is very embittered over the discovery that the governor aided his exit.

“Very far from the truth. I have thanked Okowa immensely for his support for me all through. Ibori is Okowa no 1 OGA”, Amori wrote in his reply.

The source however added that Ibori’s bid to have Amori become state chairman of the PDP as compensation is being covertly resisted by elements in Okowa’s camp for obvious reasons.

“I can tell you that handing over the party to Amori would amount to committing political suicide and Okowa knows that it is a big risk to do so and that’s why they (Okowa’s men) are doing everything possible so that it doesn’t work out. They don’t want Amori but they are pretending about it so it would not be seen as fighting Ibori,” the source said.

Pointing to the crack, another often reliable Delta Government House source revealed that though Okowa has been obsequiously following Ibori’s orders in the governance of the state, particularly in the appointment of his commissioners and other political aides made so far the development has raised concern for his close associates.

The source cited recent events in the state particularly the plot by Okowa’s men to remove the Managing Director of the Delta state Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Olorogun Williams Makinde, who was foisted surreptitiously on the governor by Ibori as evidence of the infighting in the camps.

Also, the once powerful and influential office of the Commissioner of Finance has been stripped of its powers. According to our sources, another Ibori appointee, Mr. David Edevbie, who serves as Finance Commissioner has been sidelined from the approval process for payments. The Governor, his kinsmen: Commissioner for Economic Planning, Mr. Kingsley Emu and Accountant General, Mr. Cyril Agbele are now in charge of approvals and payments.

It was gathered that Mr. Edevbie, who is amongst dozens of Ibori’s appointees in Okowa’s government, had threatened to resign following his frustrations with the development but the former governor had urged him to hang on.

It was further gathered by this newspaper that Okowa has deliberately reduced all Ibori’s men in his government to mere figureheads, as they are not finding it easy surviving financially in their respective officers.

“The only person who is funded by the government is the DESOPADEC MD and you are aware how the Okowa people have been harassing the man all in a bid to remove him and have an Okowa man in there. They are being smart about it so that it wouldn’t result in a big brawl between Okowa and Ibori. You can see how they are destroying the man’s reputation with series of allegations of financial impropriety so that he would be sacked,” one source said.

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