Breaking! Diezani Madueke survives the deadly disease, cancer

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Breaking! Diezani Madueke survives the deadly disease, cancer

Breaking!  Diezani Madueke survives the deadly disease, cancer
June 01
10:34 2017

If the news making the rounds in London are be believed, beleaguered former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke, may have got a new lease of life as the growth of her cancer seems to have been nipped in the bud and is currently enjoying a new lease of life.

News of Diezani’s cancer came to light after a controversial interview with Dele Momodu, the publisher that is loud for a purpose. Describing herself as ‘one of the most vilified women in Nigeria’s history’ in Momodu’s The Boss newspaper, Diezani, looking disheveled and wizened in the interview pictures, claimed that she was down with cancer. This was in the wake of intense scrutiny of financial dealings in the NNPC, one of the agencies under her purview as petroleum minister.

It would be recalled that she was first arrested by the UK National Crime Agency over corruption allegations, before reports emerged that she cannot leave London until she answered to all the allegations of financial impropriety levelled against her. Then, the news of her battle with cancer blew into the open. Thereafter, she reportedly had a successful cancer operation and has been recuperating since then. Now, all seems to be well with her again considering also that probe into her activities as minister has reduced.

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  1. Louis
    Louis June 01, 12:31

    Your architectural masterpieces are more than journalism practice. If Soyinka raises his hands in surrender, Achebe will take to his heels. Jokes apart, your compositions provide me a lot of recreations in your artistic creatorial competences second to none from your end and style of the information genre. I always look forward to reading from the Capital….I admire you earnestly my people. And indeed you should be the Capital of Nigeria journalism for the reasonably and well above averagely learned. May the good Lord continue to energize you with requisite needs to continue to do the good work…while His literary endowments in you should never run dry…Amen!!

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  2. AKG
    AKG June 01, 13:56

    She’s lucky ,I wish other women have the same resources to fight and survival cancer

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