Close shave! How Anselm Tabansi, Fahrenheit boss, reclaimed his hotel from the Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo

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Close shave! How Anselm Tabansi, Fahrenheit boss, reclaimed his hotel from the Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo

Close shave! How Anselm Tabansi, Fahrenheit boss, reclaimed his hotel from the Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo
December 20
13:46 2016

· Street smart hotelier saves hotel from being taken over by Indian courtesans

Like strapping ramparts in life’s sea of scams, the wiles of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo could stretch for miles. But of all the billionaire victims of the high-class, expensive women of easy virtues, one discerning and very fortunate dude was able to save his hide and hard-earned money.

He was able to save his business too. His name is Anselm Tabansi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Fahrenheit Hospitality Brand. Many people do not know that when the Matharoo sisters landed in Nigeria, their first major contact point was Tabansi’s Fahrenheit Hotel. The sisters took up residence at the hotel and soon they opened shop, luring an endless stream of patrons into their pleasure suites.

Having struck a pleasant friendship with Tabansi and major executives of the hotel, the duo were able to cross several bounds and flout the extensive hospitality business ethics and propriety upheld by the hotel – ultimately, they offered sex for money at Fahrenheit Hotel.

Immediately Tabansi saw what his exotic customers were doing with his hotel, he swung into action and initiated measures to dislodge them from their rented suites before they turned the exclusive boutique hospitality brand into a seedy brothel. Before he summoned tact and courage to eject the Matharoos from his hotel, the Indian call girls had built a long list of clientele among Nigeria’s filthy rich; findings revealed that some of the sisters’ clients, were hatching a plot with the sisters to take over the hotel.

The deep-pocket clients allegedly thought it would be a worthy business venture for them to pool resources and buy the hotel for the sisters. This, in their estimation, would guarantee them unrestricted access to the expat call girls and help them curry the sisters’ favour.

But Tabansi got wind of the dastardly plot and took action in the nick of time. The Matharoos are known for their deviousness. They dismantle little by little and pick you apart piece by piece, as they edge you closer to the precipice. Your curiosity is titillated by their tantalizing nothings
They whisper to draw you near, with promises of eternal pleasure they never intend to keep. All they manage to give is fleeting pleasure but Tabansi was undoubtedly too smart for their con.
Soon after they set up shop in the country, the Indian sisters and courtesans fled in a hail of storm and invectives of angry housewives who virtually lost their billionaire husbands to the duo.

At the last count, the sisters allegedly raked in over $700, 000 from their liaisons with their billionaire clients. Since they returned to the country, the Indian siblings have reestablished their niche as the extreme fetish of the filthy-rich. For the wives of Nigeria’s superrich, the fear of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo was the beginning of wisdom. The elder sister is Jyoti and Kiran is the younger one.
The sisters who were brought to Nigeria by Sayyu Dantata, have Indian blood but they are from Canada. They are very stylish and daring. There is no limit to their connections and exploits as high class courtesans.

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