WOMEN AT THE TOP: Oyindamola Adeyemi – A Pursuer of Excellence in the Corporate World

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WOMEN AT THE TOP: Oyindamola Adeyemi – A Pursuer of Excellence in the Corporate World

WOMEN AT THE TOP: Oyindamola Adeyemi – A Pursuer of Excellence in the Corporate World
October 05
12:08 2019

Oyin Adeyemi

It is easy for young men who aspire to be top professionals to find role models they can learn from or emulate. By nature, young boys are always told that they must grow up,  be strong,  take risks and succeed in life. This is the mindset or upbringing that the male folk learn while young. But for ladies, the task of finding role models and leaders among female professionals is a very difficult one. Quite often, many young ladies easily give up in their careers or professions.

Indeed, four or five decades ago in Nigeria, aspiring female professionals faced all sorts of pressure and challenges while pursuing their careers, and only the very intrepid, persistent or determined ones make it to the top.  But thank God, today the old narrative that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is changing rapidly, and for good too. From banking to law; accountancy to academics; medicine to music, an admirable and growing number of very successful female professionals have not only emerged, they are calling the shots in their professions!

Women are taking leadership positions in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa, including Nigeria. A cursory survey of successful women professionals is necessary to illustrate the rising profiles of women leaders.

In the banking world, there are ladies like Sola David – Borha (former CEO Stanbic IBTC, now CEO, African Region, Standard Bank) Aisha Ahmed (Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria) Bola Adesola, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank and Cathy Echeozo, Deputy MD/CEO GT Bank, – they hold the sway in that sector. The law profession has role models whom younger ladies can emulate such as Dame Priscilla Kuye, the first female president of Nigerian Bar Association, Chief Folake Solanke, first female to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, Hon. Justice Aloma Muktar, first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

The academics have also produced Professor Grace Alele – Williams, first female vice-chancellor, late Professor Jadesola Akande, first female professor of law and former vice-chancellor, LASU, Professor Fatima Batul Muktar, Vice-Chancellor Federal University, Dutse, Professor Maureen Ongoebi Etebu, Vice-Chancellor, Nigeria Maritime University.

The list of contemporary leaders and role models which both young female and male professionals can learn from or emulate is endless.

Nigerian women have broken all the barriers in the professional sphere, except in one crucial area – the Construction Industry, which is where angels probably fear to tread because of the huge demands and capital outlay construction requires.

Adeyemi is also a well-rounded project management professional who cannot be limited or constricted to just one endeavour. She is an entrepreneur with huge talents, skills and high dreams. When she launched into the construction industry,  several stakeholders, many of whom were men, sneered: “What does she know about construction? Can she cope with the huge pressures in handling civil construction?” Others said she would soon pack it up and go back to being employed when she faces setbacks. But man proposes, God disposes. God knows the potential He put inside each person.

It is for each person to discover himself or herself and apply diligence, persistence and pursuit of excellence to one’s endeavors. Oyindamola Adeyemi epitomizes all these values, even much more. To the naysayers, a little more than a decade of Still earth Construction and Reality has demonstrated her ability to build a strong business in a male-dominated industry and earn the respect and admiration of older stakeholders in the industry. Indeed, her story is inspiring and worthy of emulation.

Still, Earth Limited’s vision is to be Nigeria’s foremost civil engineering contractor, always striving to deliver the best in all they do in the private or public sector. The company’s track record has proven that regardless of all challenges, indigenous companies and their staff can achieve amazing results if they are well motivated and led by exemplary management. It is noteworthy that a primary competitive advantage of SEL is that they consistently deliver on time and budget for their clients.

Giving an insight into why SEL was established, Adeyemi noted that “It was first from my realization that there was a huge deficit in the infrastructural development in

the country, and from a further desire to be part of shaping that development. Still, Earth has consistently been involved in the development of Nigeria’s construction market and is proud to be recognized as one of the largest general contractors in Nigeria. SEL has completed several prestigious projects, and continue to participate in large – scale projects, both independently and in joint ventures with international companies.

At Still Earth Limited, we believe in a better Nigeria. Our commitment, as one of the leading construction companies, is to responsibly build every project on time while creating real value for the communities, we serve by adopting an uncompromising approach to our professional standards. Perhaps a large part of our reputation is felt by the giants of the construction industry due to our unwavering high standards regarding HSE, business ethics, integrity and prowess in construction. We have achieved an exceptional safety record, a proven track record of working within budgetary guidelines, on-time project completion, and adhering to plan and specification guidelines. As a result, we regularly partner with several multinationals, the foremost being Julius Berger”

The principal keys of success for Adeyemi

and SEL are excellence and building a strong, recognized construction brand. She achieves these goals with strong support from a team of highly accomplished and experienced technical colleagues, consisting of a mix of Nigerians and Expatriates.

Studies of successful business corporations and public organization conducted by institutions like Harvard University, USA show that leaders and their companies who dedicate themselves to creating or giving value to their customers or clients attract more customers and therefore make more money compared with mediocre leaders and companies that are driven by money. When clients or customers notice that a company is merely interested in their money instead of value or quality service, they will run away.

She further corroborates her belief in quality service delivery by noting that “our success is hinged on the passion to achieve our company’s goals and objectives. It boils down to our team, our corporate value and the culture we uphold and the benefits we give to our clients, partners, employees and Nigerian society”.

The future of any nation belongs not to the dreamers, but the visionaries. Almost all men and women dream, but only a tiny few have the tools within them to create a vision. Visionaries see the future the way it should be, and they begin to work to bring their future into reality.

Business visionaries see how their companies can help improve the lives of their people. They are not complacent or laid back, they also don’t rest on their oars or past successes, rather, they strive to create more value for their societies by creating a new environment. Business visionaries like Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Abdusamad Rabiu diversify their operations. Oyindamola Adeyemi belongs to the enviable class of Nigeria business visionaries. She could just as well sit back and be satisfied with Still Earth Limited, but she has her hands in many other businesses and sits on several enviable Boards.

Oyindamola Adeyemi, also known as Samira, was born and bred in Gombe State

with the distinct advantage of being raised by an Ondo Father & Hausa/Fulani Mother. She is fluently bi-lingual, transcends tribes, and was instilled with the virtues of grit, resilience and the persistence to achieve at a very young age.

She holds a Bsc in Political Science, and an MSc in Political Economy & Governance from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. She also earned an OPM Degree from the prestigious Harvard Business School. The winner of the African Leader of Integrity Merit Award – Excellence in Corporate Governance & Service Delivery from Accra, Ghana, and several accolades in Community Social Responsibility, Oyindamola continues to weave these characteristics into the fibre of the company and construction industry as a whole, surpassing plans for growth and success along the way.

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