Dangote at 61: Of Aspirations, Desires and Goals

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Dangote at 61: Of Aspirations, Desires and Goals

Dangote at 61: Of Aspirations, Desires and Goals
July 12
13:34 2018

For a man like Alhaji Aliko Dangote, currently 61 years of age, having enormous relevance in almost every sphere of socio-economics, behind the curtain you may want to know who he is. In an interview with David Piling in a Financial Times Interview, Aliko Dangote does us the pleasure of telling personal things to listening ears. The 66th most influential man in the world, and a part of the top 100 richest men in the world, seems to have some striking things about his life that you may want to know about.  We see a softer part to this glamorous image of booming success, and the human side to this god in finance, and leading business mogul.

In this interview for starters, we get to see that Dangote’s desire to buy the Arsenal Football club is far past rumors. He means this, and has also set this as a goal that he wishes to achieve sooner than later. What hinders him as he reveals is his goal, first to lead successfully, Nigeria’s oil refining revolution. Witting that the football club costs $2 billion, he says he still desires to buy it, and afterwards, he will bring it up to the expectation of her supporters. According to him, once this is completed, then he is on for the Arsenal goal – to buy. So, it seems fans of the Arsenal Football club should sit tight, especially if they are Nigerian, Dangote is coming for you.

This Billionaire and world leading business man is twice divorced, and he faces the fact about his romantic side. He tells the truth as to what may have caused the divorces in the past. He confesses that the schedule which he runs, which is super busy has in many ways inhibited the romantic part of him. Being honest, he attests to the fact that there is no sense in it for him to go after a new wife if the time to spend with her is not there. Seeming to have learnt from the previous divorces, he is not willing to make another mistake as he remains careful. The Billionaire is with three grown-up daughters, and he is able to point out other points that choke up his schedule. These include the Petrochemicals, the Refinery, the gas pipeline, the fertilizer, among a host of others.  Viewing all of these, Aliko Dangote does not overlook the fact that he really needs to calm down.

Aliko Dangote in this interview also proves to be a devoted and patriotic Nigerian. This successful serial-entrepreneur reveals where Nigeria fits in, in his $12 billion refinery goal. He adds that when this is done, then Nigeria, for the first time, will be the biggest exporter of petroleum products in Africa. With a promise to finish up on the $12 billion refinery, he promises Nigeria a good stance as the largest exporter of petroleum products.

The Alhaji, a devoted Muslim has not forgotten his God, even in the midst of large dreams and aspirations. He declares to still fast at least once a week, every week. Pointing out the health benefit of fasting itself, he trusts that this exercise helps him ‘clean’ his system.

Aliko Dangote, one sure busiest man in Africa is also reported to take over a hundred calls a day. This was revealed in the interview with David Pilling. Aliko Dangote however points out that this may not be the best way after all. He brings to remembrance his relationship with Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister. He recalls Blair, who makes just three calls per day, telling him that the world will not fall apart if he doesn’t answer his phone. Measuring the amount of calls he takes per day, he still points out to still receiving tons of email sent to him every single day.

In view of the $12 billion refinery plan in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote seems to have zeroed his mind to the fact that added to his list of enemies will be more names. He asserts that this move will definitely ‘remove food’ from the table to some. In light of this, he says he expects reactions from such persons and he is ready for what it takes to successfully stage that refinery.

Aliko Dangote in this interview with David Pilling shows his disappointment in some importation Nigeria is still involved in. One of which is the importation of Milk. According to Dangote, Nigeria still imports about 97 to 98 percent of the milk she eats locally. To Dangote, this makes no sense at all. Dangote looks forward to stricter measures set in place to ban the importation of such things. He encourages local production of such things rather than their importation. Dangote also points out in disgust the fact that Nigeria imports 4.9 tonnes of wheat, as well as vegetable oil. Seeing Nigeria’s Ability to produce these things locally, Dangote sees as senseless the importation of these things.

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