Expensive Folly… How Senator Adeola Yayi Was Caught In The Wave Of His Own Storm.  

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Expensive Folly… How Senator Adeola Yayi Was Caught In The Wave Of His Own Storm.  

Expensive Folly… How Senator Adeola Yayi Was Caught In The Wave Of His Own Storm.   
April 20
14:55 2018

Confused Senator, Solomon Adeola remains just one thing, and one thing only—and that is a clown. It places him on a far higher plane than any politician. But for a slight snag, he is actually a politician.

And true to stereotype about every other politician, Solomon has shown that no man can be a pure politician without being in the strictest sense a dupe. His recent action generates interminable scorn and stupefaction on the social media and the political circuits.

There is no gainsaying he loves been in the news. He loves to hug the spotlight as a stage actress craves the applause of a listening audience but his latest antic no doubt blew up in his face as Nigerians severally condemned his action .

No doubt, Senator Solomon Adeola, popularly known as ‘Yayi’ has been the latest on the long list of politicians who have thrown pity-party to perpetuate their political relevance for electoral benefits.

The nation had woken up to the rude shock of mace-snatching drama at the Senate on Wednesday, a despicable act carried out by a gang of thugs reportedly loyal to and led by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, a son of former Chief Judge of Delta State.

As if that was not a security risk enough to grapple with, Yayi went to town with the tale of how a group of strong men attempted to kidnap him right there before the very eyes of a multitude. The Lagos West senator took to his twitter handle to narrate an intriguing moment he was forced into a sports utility vehicle waiting to snatch him away in the same manner the Senate Mace was also snatched – the only difference being that he used his survival instinct to wrestle himself away from the claws of the kidnappers.

“Thank God I escaped kidnapping by unknown thugs who invaded the @nassnigeria today. I was pushed into the SUVs parked in front of the White House wing and attempt was made to drive me out of the National Assembly Complex. I escaped by forcing the car open and jumping out. I am very well and receiving retreatment now”

Trust Twitter’s “Children of Anger” (credit to Dr. Reuben Abati), Yayi’s tweet had hardly been retweeted or liked by the first follower when they descended on him and started puncturing the veracity of Yayi’s claim. The very first reaction was from a user named Ikenna Ronald Nzimora (@ronaldnzimora) who wrote “LOL! Please go and take a seat. Who do you think will believe this jazz? Oops! Your unthinking followers”. @DeeOneAyekooto followed up “??????? Next Time on Super Story…”

Observers outside the blogosphere could not but also puncture Yayi’s tale. If Yayi had truly been a target of the kidnap, would the kidnappers have made him sit in a position so close to the door that he would be allowed to force the car open and jump out? Many believe that targets of kidnaps are most times sandwiched between two or more perpetrators of the heinous crime, as some victims sometimes are immediately hypnotized to render them invalid. The ‘suspected kidnappers’ of Yayi must have tampered execution with mercy to have gifted Yayi such a comfortable position in the “SUVs” to allow him escape so easily.

Sensing that his integrity has been questioned, he followed up with a detailed but yet ambiguous account which his spinners considered plausible by their own standard. Yayi painted a pretentious SUV mistaken identity on his part.

“…I arrived at the National Assembly; I alighted from my car, I was on my way to the chamber when I saw pandemonium, with everybody running helter-skelter. I tried to find out what is happening, the next thing security came after me. I had to enter my car and the car that came before me is exactly like the car I brought into the National Assembly. They just pushed me into the car. Before I noticed what was happening, two men entered the same car with the mace of the Senate and took off, but I confronted them, asking ‘who are you’; ‘where are you going’? They couldn’t answer me and getting to the House of Representatives area, I opened the door of the car and managed to squeeze myself out of it forcefully before the car zoomed off towards the exit gate at the back of the House of Representatives chamber. I want to thank God Almighty for this escape from this kidnap attempt by the hoodlums who invaded the National Assembly to steal the mace of the Senate.”

The politician who is not clear-headed yet about which state he is plying his political trade in 2019 would have saved himself the needless embarrassment and stress of explaining himself if he had stated from the start that he mistook the mace-snatching thugs’ vehicle for his and ran into it when commotion broke out. Going by own narration, the suspected kidnappers never struggled with him while he was “forcing the car open.” He had it so easy with them.

He also said in his tweet he was receiving treatment, though he was doing “very well”; what he failed to say was what ailment he was receiving treatment for. Yayi and his handlers would have to learn script-writing skills when next he needs to tell a story to curry sympathy from the public. For this particular story, almost everything fell flat on its face.

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