Glow Getter! 16 Years After… Trillionaire Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Mike Adenuga, Celebrates Globacom’s Inspiring Mileage of Glow And Distinction

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Glow Getter! 16 Years After… Trillionaire Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Mike Adenuga, Celebrates Globacom’s Inspiring Mileage of Glow And Distinction

Glow Getter! 16 Years After… Trillionaire Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Mike Adenuga, Celebrates Globacom’s Inspiring Mileage of Glow And Distinction
August 30
18:25 2019


For Globacom Limited ( GLO), Nigerian telecommunications giant, the passage of 16 years  symbolizes much more than a flower in a border, it represents the victory of human will, the manifestation of vision borne of resolve and an overwhelming capacity to excel, whatever the odds.Globacom has been recognised for its commitment and rare dedication to the growth of the industry into a world-class business concern which also generates employment for millions of Africans in Nigeria and other parts of the continent where it operates.

Yes, it has been solid sixteen years since the trillionaire entrepreneur extraordinaire,  Dr. Mike Adenuga GCON, CSG, CLH, made that bullish entry into the telecommunications ecosystem of Africa with the launch of Globacom Nigeria Limited on the 29thAugust 2003, and changed the landscape forever.

Becoming an entrepreneur extraordinaire is not mere lip service; it takes consistent effort and focus to grow from just being an entrepreneur with interest in a particular business to becoming a respected and renowned empire builder. Think Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr,  the Chairman of the telecoms giant, Globacom.  Frequently likened to a champion and sometimes, a business genius, Adenuga effortlessly depicts the image of a modern day General of Commerce.
Interestingly, however, nothing excites Adenuga as much as his octopoidal conglomerate.

Yes, very few of members of Nigeria’s affluent club can achieve every great feat in their youth and remain quiet and self-effacing, like an avatar of the Himalayan thrust. While some are busy pushing status and their immense bulk in a desperate dash for socioeconomic and political acclaim, Adenuga affects tact and humility, without ostentation or pretence. Adenuga is a force of nature. A rare factor on the African continent.

You could be forgiven for ascribing to him, superhuman smarts.

Interestingly, however, Globacom clocked 16 years yesterday, Thursday, August 29th. The entry of the telecoms giant was not just with funfair, the ground was hit running as he made resounding and indelible mark with immediate effect that it would not be business as usual.  Adenuga turned possibility to certainty when he ensured that phone use stopped being the exclusive preserve of the rich and that calls could be charged on a per-second basis after the then existing operators had sold lies that per-second billing was a mission impossible.

The double-crash in purchasing cost of starter pack and calls jolted many like a thunderbolt. With that audacious move, Globacom became the company before which walls of impossibilities fell and crumbled. Consistently acknowledged as Africa’s biggest and most efficient mobile telecommunications network, the national carrier in the past sixteen years, represent the victory of human will, the manifestation of vision borne out of sheer resolve and an overwhelming capacity to excel, irrespective of how insurmountable the odds appear.

At its arrival in the market in 2003, the Globacom brand was launched with ‘Glo with Pride’, apparently to awaken a familial spirit of patriotism and promote a sense of pride in the network among Nigerians. The intention, it seemed, was to project the brand as an indigenous brand Nigerians home and abroad could be proud of and such intention could only be achieved by the brand’s delivery of world class quality service, something the brand struggled to achieve with considerable success.

The ‘Glo with Pride,’ initiative was later followed with the ‘Rule your World’ campaign which was geared to serve as a message of empowerment meant to inspire Nigerians towards positive pursuit and attainment of individual dreams and goals. From inception, the Globacom network sought to project its commitment to the support and realization of its existing and prospective customers’ dreams and desires

Becoming the fastest growing telecommunications company in Africa and Middle East in its first year of operation was a feat that received international rave reviews. Globacom has gone ahead to record many firsts where its competitors have only succeeded in playing catch-ups. The first 2.5G and 3G networks in Nigeria were to Globacom’s credit.

In 2010, Adenuga reportedly spent a fortune on Glo 1 Submarine Cable, an undersea cable system, which stretches from Europe to Nigeria and has landing stations in 16 West African countries. Glo 1 has been providing bandwidth to all telecom operators, carriers and corporations, connecting them to all the major destinations in the world. Less than a year after this milestone, Globacom launched the fourth generation mobile technology, 4G-LTE network services. Its corporate social responsibility has been unusual.

From sponsorship of Nigerian national teams and the league, to sponsorship of numerous sporting tourneys; taking up sponsorship of countless number of entertainment-based shows and headlining major festivals across Africa by being their major sponsors registering the Glo brand in the minds of millions. Ambassadorial endorsements are another area Globacom has earned some thumbs-ups. A host of entertainers across the African continent have pocketed multi-million naira deals as brand ambassadors. The last one and a half decade has been some redefinition of service and business as depicted by Glo.

Currently Globacom remains a giant in the communications sector with over 40 million subscribers in Africa; yet the number is increasing on a daily base.


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