BREAKING! Telecoms Giant, Globacom Set To Acquire 9mobile

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BREAKING! Telecoms Giant, Globacom Set To Acquire 9mobile

BREAKING! Telecoms Giant, Globacom Set To Acquire 9mobile
December 22
12:50 2017

· Nigeria’s First indigenous network raring to beat Airtel, Dangote Group, others to lucrative bid

Champions don’t sleep. While their peers snuggle in slumber, they toil upward through the night unto the break of dawn. They burn will and shed sweat until the dreary mills of industry imbue their efforts with sweet fruits of labour. There is no gainsaying Globacom network is a champion among telecoms networks. This is because like a master steel forger, it hammers its iron while it is glowing hot.

In a few days, all things being equal, Globacom would acquire 9mobile thus affirming its clout as Africa’s most successful telecoms network. There is something about Globacom network that distinguishes it among its peers and cutthroat rivals no doubt. The network’s merit probably lies in its capacity to make forays where none of its peers and rivals would dare venture.

Globacom plans to buy 9mobile (formerly Etisalat) and after buying it, the network stands the possibility of emerging as Nigeria and Africa’s number one network, according to pundits in the telecoms sector.
There is no limit to Globacom’s entrepreneurial depth; the past six months for instance has heralded the telecoms giant’s ingenious marketing and penetrative business strategies. Globacom has been inundating its customers with data gifts, bumper call credits, posh cars. among other perks.

It’s data offering is superb and affordable thus establishing it as Africa’s most reliable and customer-friendly network.

Industry pundits affirm that Globacom’s acquisition of 9mobile would be an epic coup considering stiff competition from top telecoms players who have shown interest in the company. The list of those who have tendered bid for 9mobile includes: India’s Bharti Airtel, operating as Airtel in Nigeria; Dangote Group’s telecoms business unit, Alheri Engineering Limited, which has the backing of U.S.-based Blackstone Group with an investment portfolio of $378 billion and a Nigerian subsidiary called the Black Rhino Group.

Others are Smile Telecoms Holdings, a South African telecommunications group with subsidiaries in Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda; and Helios Towers, the former owner and operator of the largest telecoms tower network in Nigeria and other countries, before it sold its Nigerian infrastructure to HIS.

Despite the fierce competition, Globacom is expected to scale through as the only successful bidder; if it succeeds in acquiring 9mobile, Globacom will consolidate its position as the most successful player in Nigeria’s telecoms industry and the network to beat in the African telecoms sector.

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  1. Dav
    Dav December 22, 14:30

    Glo would be the best to acquire 9mobile

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  2. Joe
    Joe December 23, 07:25

    glo has the worse network strength in Nigeria. one would buy 3Gb of data for #1000 but would not use upto 50mb before the expiry. buying etisalat which is on the opposite side to glo, a strong competitor With network strength and services would affect Nigerians negatively. 9mobile, pls don’t sell to globacom

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  3. Villager X
    Villager X December 23, 10:31

    The QOS of Etisalat was unrivalled until its divestiture from Etisalat and became 9mobile. Nevertheless,quality of voice and data surpasses its competitors including the potential buyer Glo. Will it remain so after a buyout?

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  4. user
    user December 25, 08:07

    Your a Glo user, big data, BUT POOR service.

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  5. lexwot
    lexwot December 27, 13:36

    Your comment..a failure can’t buy success, Glo is the worse network among other network.

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