Jewel of the Delta! Oil Billionaire, Julius Rone, Celebrates 45 Today.

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Jewel of the Delta! Oil Billionaire, Julius Rone, Celebrates 45 Today.

Jewel of the Delta! Oil Billionaire, Julius Rone, Celebrates 45 Today.
June 25
09:23 2019


Yes, becoming an entrepreneur extraordinaire is not mere lip service; it takes consistent effort and focus to grow from just being an entrepreneur with interest in a particular business to becoming a respected and renowned empire builder. Julius Rone is one of the few blessed men who started from the scratch, kept their nose to the grindstone and turned seemingly insignificant ideas into behemoth industries.

Julius is a man that would be sent to Mars and still treat it as a stepping stone to Saturn – the quality of constant invention and self-improvement that has earned him worldwide acclaim and prosperity

Funnily enough, the story of his life is not as smooth as a bowling ball gliding on a varnished lane. It is the story of a young man who flailed and floundered against the maelstrom and headwind of a tempestuous home-grown economy but whose resilience and steadfastness kept on the straight and narrow path to fame and fortune.

Call him one of those rare individuals who strive to always take a high road and position themselves for success regardless of the obstacles before them, and you won’t be wide of the mark. Julius Rone has, in the process, created innumerable employments and wealth through his entrepreneurial initiatives and excellence, which have significantly impacted the socio-economic stability of Nigeria. Today, Julius is the billionaire founder of UTM Group, a big player in the maritime sector.

Stylish and suave, Julius is 45 today. He might be young but has packed so many achievements into his youthful life that would take many a generation to achieve. And he has grown too. There would be immeasurable adoration to God who has brought Julius thus far and has helped him glide through life without breaking a limb. He would also be reaching out to the deprived and downtrodden in the society as has become an annual ritual in the last few years.

For him, now, a birthday is a quiet day, a day to reflect and retrospect on the year that was and what is ahead to strive for; a sort of personal ‘New Year’ where resolutions and promises can be made to the self and for the betterment of humanity.Of course, he has so much to thank God for.

From a humble parentage, Rone has worked his way, with guts and grace, through the wilderness of life to become one of Nigeria’s leading businessmen and wealthiest young men.An alumnus of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and the University of Calabar (Cross River State) – where he earned his Advanced Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration respectively –Julius is a seasoned technocrat with vast experience spanning over a decade in the public sector.

Energetic and enthusiastic; uncompromising, yet, realistic; impossibility has no space in his lexicography. With just tenacity of purpose and a terrier devotion to his dreams, Julius has bestridden, successfully, the gap between creativity and commerce.

As far as business ideas and innovations are concerned, he turns nothing down, except the collar of his shirt.One of his companies,UTM Dredging Limited, is an established provider of premium marine logistic support in engineering, construction, equipment rental, leasing, procurement, supply and general labour services to an ever-expanding clientele comprising state and federal governments, oil and gas companies and other private organizations. The company was recently adjudged as the ‘Most Active in Communications in Service with Exxon Mobil’ at the Marine Safety Contractors’ Forum organised by Exxon Mobil Upstream Nigeria.

Indeed, with a focus and objective to become a marine service providing firm with international posture using highly skilled, goal-driven professionals and unique innovative technology, the UTM, incorporated in 2012, possesses the gadgets and gizmo required to bring world class marine service solutions to the door steps of clients.

Reputed for its commitment to the technological niceties and processes required for growth while optimizing local content in all aspects of its business activities, the company’s policy is to place its clients at a competitive advantage by providing services, which not only satisfies statutory or stated technical and contractual requirements, but also bear consistency in quality.

Happily married to a beautiful woman, Utibe Yutee Rone and blessed with wonderful children.



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  1. Bibi
    Bibi June 25, 09:37

    Happy Birthday JR

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  2. Barrister Scott
    Barrister Scott June 25, 15:55

    Juli Jules!!!
    May God’s Blessings Keep You Always..
    May Your Wishes All Come True…
    Happy Birthday And Many Happy Returns…

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  3. Barrister Scott
    Barrister Scott June 25, 16:01

    Juli Jules!!
    May God’s Blessings Keep You Always..
    May Your Wishes All Come True..
    Happy Birthday Bro And Many Happy Returns..

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