Breaking: Osinbajo’s Conscience, Cabal’s Albatross…Why Social Media Hoodlums , E-Terrorists Are Heating Up The Polity…

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Breaking: Osinbajo’s Conscience, Cabal’s Albatross…Why Social Media Hoodlums , E-Terrorists Are Heating Up The Polity…

Breaking: Osinbajo’s Conscience, Cabal’s Albatross…Why Social Media Hoodlums , E-Terrorists Are Heating Up The Polity…
November 08
14:57 2019

No cowardly soul resides in Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, because he is no trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere. Through him, industry’s glories shine, a reality he attributes to His Heavenly grace. Thus the VP is beholden to neither man nor mammon. Cowardice and doubt disperse in the blaze of his scorching righteousness; his politics and personal ethics are so firmly anchored on the steadfast rock of conscience and integrity.

 However, to what end could one say these battles are being waged against Osinbajo? Those who can read between the lines have said that he is being frustrated to a point where the option left for him would be to resign and be blacklisted as an apparent successor of his boss come 2023, since his stature as an upright, dependable and trustworthy ally has refused to be diminished by the allure of office.

In all of these defenestrating moves, the major question that these Osinbajo’s assailants have not been able to answer is ‘What is Osinbajo’s sin?’ When former President Olusegun Obasanjo moved against his vice, Atiku Abubakar, the Owu-born retired soldier said he had to do so because Atiku was overly ambitious and would not allow him hold presidential powers because he was grossly deficient in characters as he hung tags of corruption around his neck till he ensured late President Umaru Yar’Adua took over in 2007.

The cabal of the Yar’Adua years held the nation by the jugular and would not accord Goodluck Jonathan a second look because he was considered withdrawn, feeble and cerebrally uninspiring (unjustified though) until nature brought a twist to that episode.  In Osinbajo’s case, he has only shown utter loyalty and vibrance hitherto never associated with any vice president in the history of Nigeria. Why these sustained humiliations?

Only few weeks ago, President Buhari constituted an economic advisory council to replace the economic management team headed by Osinbajo after he instructed the vice-president to seek approvals for agencies under his supervision. The import of this directive is that Osinbajo needs to seek approvals for contract awards, annual reports, annual accounts, power to borrow, and power to make regulations, among other key functions.

Premium Times, on Tuesday, reported how Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to the president, allegedly manipulated Buhari to sack Osinbajo from ‘’Ruga projects’’. The crisis rocking the Presidency worsened on Monday, the Deep Offshore Bill was sent to London for assent by a president, who is on a ‘’private visit’’ to that country.  It is not out of place to insinuate that Osinbajo has been functionally sterilised and abbreviated. With these developments, could it be said that Osinbajo should throw in the towel and resign from the government?

It should be emphasized that Osinbajo, like President Buhari, was elected by the majority of Nigerian voted. His resignation would come off as betrayal of trust Nigerians have in him as a dependable ally of Buhari. Resigning at the moment will no doubt cast a huge aspersion on the joint ticket.

Public interest is another reason why Osinbajo should not consider resigning unless the situation becomes so demeaning that it impugns on his integrity. The impact of resignation will not only leave a void that may create a crisis in the ruling party and some power brokers, it would create have far-reaching national security implications.

Osinbajo’s choice and election as Vice President has been proclaimed as one with divine backing; and until that which has been decreed about it comes to fruition, all the attempts to sabotage and frustrate him will come to naught.

However, his gentlemanliness, loyalty and team spirit may have been accorded thunderous nation-wide applauses, even by President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsmen far away in Daura, Katsina State; yet Vice President Yemi Osinbajo appears to be a man so much derided by the cabal running the affairs of the Office of the Presidency.

The signing of the Deep Offshore (amendment) Bill in London has brought to the fore the rumoured ostracization of Professor Osinbajo, whom many believed could have signed the new law back home in Nigeria. From Ohaneze Ndigbo to Afenifere, the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), condemnations have trailed the President and his Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, as they believe that the action clearly shows impunity.

The Chairperson of the TMG, Dr Abiola Akiyode Afolabi, said, “The development is condemnable. One would have expected that the Vice-President would play the role of the next in command, when the President is not available. It’s a confirmation of the fact that some cabals are in charge of government.”

The Nigerian Bar Association unmistakably faulted President Buhari’s action. The association of Nigerian lawyers condemned the failure of the President who claimed to be on a private visit to London to transmit power to his deputy, Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

The Publicity Secretary of the NBA, Mr. Kunle Edun, said on behalf of the association that while the President was entitled to work abroad, important business of state like assenting to bills should not be performed outside the shores of Nigeria.

The association stated, “Ordinarily, there should be nothing wrong with the Nigerian President working from abroad. Visitations to world leaders and attending international conferences are working visits.

“However, what we have found lately which is a sad norm is that the Nigerian President seems to prefer working more from his overseas base than being in Nigeria.

“This unfortunate trend has now recently been extended to a situation where a Nigerian President would be assenting to a legislative bill in a foreign country.

“Some may argue that the Nigerian House in London is part of the territory of Nigeria but the gaffe in such argument would be seen when we argue that the Supreme Court of Nigeria or the Senate of the National Assembly of Nigeria should also conduct their official businesses in the Nigerian House in London, or that the federal cabinet meeting should be held outside Nigeria.

He recalled that the President’s media aide told Nigerians that the President was in London for a ‘private visit’.

“I don’t know what can be private about a Nigerian President or top public official travelling outside Nigeria with the full complement of his official aides and paraphernalia of office, all at the expense of the Nigerian tax payers, and you call it a private visit

In Afenifere assessment, the pan-Yoruba group said, through its spokesman, the fact that the President’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, travelled to London to present memos and bills to Buhari showed that Osinbajo was practically out of Buhari’s government.

Odumakin said, “This is evidence that Nigeria is now under one man’s rule. You can see that the National Assembly is a rubber stamp while the judiciary has been cowed. The Vice-President is practically out and that is all part of the next level.”

The Afenifere spokesman told Osinbajo not to be deceived by the words of the Emir of Daura, Alhaji Farouk Umar, who had last week commended the loyalty of the Vice-President to the President and described their relationship as unequalled in the history of the country.

“Those who think that the Emir of Daura passed a vote of confidence in Osinbajo should go find out the meaning of ‘Taqiya.’”.

On its part, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo described the action of Buhari as executive lawlessness. The Ohanaeze’s National Publicity Secretary, Prince Uche Achi-Okpaga said the bill signed into law in London could not be binding on Nigerians.

He added that if the President wanted the law to be binding on Nigerians then it should be signed in Nigeria. Achi-Okpaga stated, “I won’t be surprised that this is happening, that is the height of abuse of executive powers. You see they have just watered the executive powers and made it to look like nonsense.

“Apart from the legal implications, how do they think the outside world, the foreign countries would be looking at us? They are looking at us as a state of lawlessness.  Why would the President deal with his official executive office in a foreign country? He goes to a foreign land to sign bills that are meant to bind Nigerians. It doesn’t obtain anywhere and it shouldn’t even be mentioned anywhere.

“What is the mission of the President outside in United Kingdom? Is his mission private or official? What is it that he cannot come back to Nigeria to attend to files on his table?  If you transmit a bill from the National Assembly, it goes to the table of the President for his assent. Was it the National Assembly that took it to the President overseas?

Achi-Okaga said, “The Ohanaeze Ndigbo worldwide can never identify with that kind of situation. It is unheard of. What are we bequeathing to this country? It  is a nation, where  anything goes.  It shouldn’t be mentioned.”

On whether the law can be binding on Nigerians, he said, “The National Assembly cannot transmit a law to a foreign country and if they should transmit a law to a foreign country, the law should be binding on the country where it is signed and not on Nigeria. If he wants the law to operate on Nigeria, the law should be signed in Nigeria.”

A former President of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), Malachy Ugwummadu, berated the President’s action, saying it was unethical and unpatriotic for the President to sign a bill outside the country.

He stated, “A few questions are relevant here. Why did the President not transmit power this time to the Vice-President? Why was it the Chief of Staff and not the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Legislative Matters, that took the amended Deep Shore Bill to him for signature?”

The Chief Executive Officer of a United States-based group, Nigeria Law Group, Emmanuel Ogebe, on his part, went down the history lane comparing the President’s action to the era of late President Umaru Yar’Adua.

“The post of the Chief of Staff is not a constitutional office, but it is now greater than the Vice-President post which is a constitutional office.

“This means if you are from the North and a toilet cleaner, that can elevate you over and above a southerner who occupies a constitutional office. We’re back to the era of Yar’Adua when documents were shipped abroad for signature notwithstanding the national security implications of such,” Ogebe said.


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