The fear of Markie Snomi-Idowu in Skye Bank……

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The fear of Markie Snomi-Idowu in Skye Bank……

The fear of Markie Snomi-Idowu in Skye Bank……
December 11
13:34 2015

……..Also, on her fashion overkill

Like a Princess of Commerce, she spends her days hustling and strategizing in the crafty, calm, cold, cozening strife of Nigeria’s banking industry. Consequently, she has amassed millions of naira that has so far, bought her the good life.

Think Makie Snomi-Idowu, one of the very hardworking EDs in Skye Bank. That she has evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the banking industry is an indisputable fact.
However, the fear of Markie is the beginning of wisdom; staff of the bank tremble and kowtow before her, while some top managers catch cold whenever she sneezes.

This fair-hued woman is however not one to brook any nonsense from any quarters. Little wonder, many worship the ground she treads while praying and hoping that they don’t incur her wrath. Markie has an impressive academic qualification and can be said to have a brilliant and intelligent attributes.

Little wonder some of the top management staff can not hold a candle to her.

Some wear their cloth like it’s thrown on them with a pitchfork; but not Markie. Her clothes look like they are perfectly cast to cling to her physique. Markie, unlike most highflying conservative bank bosses, redefines flamboyance within and outside the highest echelons of corporate banking.

She feminizes corporate attire like its okay for a woman to show off her body and still be considered respectable. Her designs are shapely and still corporate. She pulls this off effortlessly attracting the envy and admiration of fellow female colleagues and the male folk in the process.

Besides her breathtaking fashion sense, Markie adorns herself with expensive jewelry and shoes that can make even, renowned shoe freak, Imelda Marcus, go green with jealousy. In desperate bid to emulate the exquisite fashion culture of their boss, most of Markie’s subordinates, particularly the females, have embarked on a crazy dash to surpass or at least match her in glamour and élan.

This could be counter-productive no doubt hence Markie should attempt to rein in herself and her workforce lest they totally abandon the true purpose for which she was in pursuit of the obscene fashion culture that currently characterizes their corporate dress sense.

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