The Terror At CIG Motors…Critics Flay Chinese Entrepreneur, Diana Chen Xuixia, For Running A Nigerian Slave Camp

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The Terror At CIG Motors…Critics Flay Chinese Entrepreneur, Diana Chen Xuixia, For Running A Nigerian Slave Camp

February 05
16:42 2018


· How She Subjects Local Staff To Dehumanising Conditions

Insects sting, not from malice, but because they want to live. It is the same with Diana Chen Xuixia, head honcho of CIG Motors, according to mischief makers. The latter would tirelessly argued that Chen thrives by her lust for the fear and misery of her Nigerian staff.

They contend that the delectable head of CIG Motors Company Ltd., loves to instil fear in the hearts of her employees and watch them squirm in trepidation at her plots.
But that is hardly the true story of the Chinese entrepreneur, according to sources loyal to her. Very close friends and associates of the CIG Czarina place a counter-argument to that advanced by her detractors.

Notwithstanding their claims, staff of CIG Motors lament Chen’s alleged malevolence in handling the affairs of the company. Chen is the head honcho of CIG Motors where she
owns over 90 per cent of its shareholdings.

It would be recalled that she came into Nigeria as one of the distributors of GAC Motors. At the incorporation of her company in Lagos, it instantly became an extension of the Chinese environment as over ninety percent of her work-force are Chinese nationals leaving less than ten percent of the slots for Nigerians.

The ten percent of Nigerians in her employ are allegedly treated like slaves by Chen and her Chinese management. Critics of the CIG boss’ management style claim that she usually accuses her Nigerian staff of not meeting up with her unreasonable targets hence she scornfully insults them at will; Chen reportedly abuses her Nigerian staff claiming they are not good for anything.

To make matters worse, she hardly keeps a Nigerian in her employment for a period of six month without looking for an excuse to get rid of him or her, according to her staff. This is after she would have illegally deducted their salaries, despise them in the presence of her fellow Chinese country men and unfairly treat them as criminals.

Findings revealed that some of her Nigerian employees whom she got rid of in her usual manner could not take it anymore hence Akeem Adebiyi Adeyemi, one of her alleged victims, led a team of three other employees to file an action against her at the National Industrial Court in Ikoyi.

In the suit marked as NICN/LA/35/2018, the claimants sought redress against her for breach of fundamental rights, unfair and illegal deduction of salary, unfair termination of employment, failure to remit deducted personal income tax and pension contribution among others.

A source within Chen’s outfit called on the Federal Government to look into her activities and that of foreign entrepreneurs like her who are allegedly exploiting lapses in Nigeria’s business environment to perpetrate gross atrocities against Nigerians in their employ. Many of them run their companies like slave camps and often treat their Nigerian staff like slaves on a sugar plantation of the pre-abolishment era.

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