Why AMCON Must Recover N5 Trillion Debt – CEO

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Why AMCON Must Recover N5 Trillion Debt – CEO

Why AMCON Must Recover N5 Trillion Debt – CEO
August 02
20:57 2020

The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed Kuru attested to the efficacy of the processes of receivership and winding up procedures as amended in the 2019 AMCON Act, which President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law last year.

He, therefore, called on Asset Management Partners (AMPs) of the Corporation to leverage those provisions among other potent aspects of the Act to rave up recoveries.

Mr Kuru, who spoke at a one-day seminar for AMCON AMPs facilitated by Fatihu Abba’s Legal Academy at the Trancorp Hotel, Abuja, said ever since the Act was signed into law by the president, the Corporation has witnessed some remarkable improvement in its recovery efforts, which is why it is a veritable tool that AMPs should explore to its maximum.

He charged partners of AMCON in the recovery drive to tighten the noose on obligors using the “weapon” of the amended AMCON Act to stop a few recklessness individuals who have continued to take advantage of the loopholes in our laws to escape their moral and legal obligations to repay their debts.

Describing the AMP schemes as “a major tool in the recovery efforts of the Corporation and key to its success,” the AMCON Chief Executive who was represented at the seminar by Joshua Ikioda, AMCON’s Group Head of Enforcement called on all AMCON partners to intensify efforts using the added powers as provided by the AMCON Act.

“We have repeatedly made the point at every opportunity that all stakeholders must view the AMCON mandate as one of serious national importance,” said Mr Kuru.

“If at sunset AMCON is unable to recover the huge debt of over N5trillion, it becomes the debt of the Federal Government of Nigeria for which taxpayers’ monies will be used to settle.

“The implication is that the general public will be made to pay for the recklessness of only a few individuals who continue to take advantage of the loopholes in our laws to escape their moral and legal obligations to repay their debts.

“We should not allow a few individuals to escape with our commonwealth. And we want to do it within the confines of the law.

“Our various interactions with stakeholders, and particularly feedbacks we receive from Honourable Judges necessitate continuous training and retraining our AMPs especially as it relates to challenges encountered during filling processes in court and enforcing AMCON’s rights on obligors’ assets.”

Mr Kuru said considering the Corporation’s new enforcement strategy and the newly amended AMCON Act 2019, the role of AMPs has become even more vital and cannot be overemphasised.

“We reiterate, our AMPs are very key to the success of AMCON.”

The AMCON boss, therefore, urged the AMPs to share some of their experiences with one another so that both the Corporation and the AMPs can all succeed in the ‘national assignment.’

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