Frankly speaking! I Am the Owner of Ile Ife; I Can Rule Ife from My Palace if Allowed-Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Frederick Akinruntan

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Frankly speaking! I Am the Owner of Ile Ife; I Can Rule Ife from My Palace if Allowed-Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Frederick Akinruntan

Frankly speaking! I Am the Owner of Ile Ife; I Can Rule Ife from My Palace if Allowed-Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Frederick Akinruntan
August 29
14:58 2016

He is very honest about his convictions and would express them without reservations irrespective of the constitution of his audience. His ingenious approaches to business and views and beliefs about politics among other issues have distinguished him as one of Nigeria’s most respected icons.

Humble and at the same time, impressively regal, there is no entourage at his beck and call neither does he flaunt a chip on his shoulder as most successful men are wont to do. Notwithstanding, Oba Akinruntan’s existence as a citizen of humanity bespeaks a lifetime to be envied. Indeed, hardly any adjective nor the most grandiose lyric can fully capture his true worth as a man, much more, a citizen of humanity.

An astute administrator, today, it is an incontrovertible fact that he owns Africa’s largest petroleum depot and world’s third largest. He is one human asset to whom Nigeria looks up in her bid to be an energy giant, as he not holds a valid licence for oil refinery; he is at an advanced stage of owning a private refinery. Without doubt, the world of the Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom in Ilaje, Ondo State is resplendent with inspiration and crammed with rich anecdotes for every fortune hopeful intending to be great.

Perhaps it was as much a result of his intimidating stature and twist of fate that the energy titan has transcended the planes of industry to royalty with enviable grace and nobility that had for a long while characterised his ascension to the topFreedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. Courage makes it both a moral duty and pleasure to speak one’s mind. And the Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom, His Imperia Majesty, Oba Frederick Obateru Akinruntan, understands this immutable fact. The highly sophisticated Yoruba monarch is known for his penchant to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored.

Recently, in an interview with ThisDay newspaper, the Olugbo said is the Owner of Ile Ife and that he rule Ife from his palace if allowed. “I didn’t challenge anybody; I only said I am the owner of Ile Ife. And if you believe that Yorubas are from Ile Ife then you will understand why I said I am the owner of the Yorubas and not Oduduwa as the history circulated said.

There is only distortion of the history by the powers that be. But I don’t mind whatever anybody says. The truth remains unchanged. Oduduwa was not part of the Yoruba. He was not part of us. He migrated to Ile Ife from Mecca. Look at his tribal marks. He had a foreigner’s marks on his cheeks. He had seven children. Out of these seven, one was a female called Owu. Owu is near Ikire.

It is called Orile-Owu. It was a place where slaves were assembled for sale. Some of the Owu people are in Abeokuta and other parts of Yoruba lands. I don’t need to consult any book to narrate this history. I have read about 2,000 authorities on this subject. This history has always been there, but the powers always make efforts to suppress it. I am not ready to hurt or fight anybody over this. But I know the truth is there and nobody can do anything about it. We are the aboriginal inhabitants of Ile-Ife. It was Obamakin Osangangan (my grandfather), son of Oraife, who founded Ile Ife. If you are familiar with Ifa divinity, Ugbo is mentioned in a verse that says, ‘Kutukutu oba Ugbo.’ Osangangan also had many children; I will mention only two.

When Oduduwa arrived, he came to Ile Ero (Palace) at Iremo quarters in Ile Ife and he was accepted because of our hospitality. Being a non-native and coming from a background where might was right, he engaged in struggles. Oduduwa never had a successful reign in Ile Ife. Although he initially defeated Obatala, Obatala later fought back and conquered him. The late Oba of Benin wrote his autobiography which he titled, ‘I Remain, Sir, Your Obedient Servant.’ He revealed everything in the book. Oba of Benin said the Olugbo is the only recognised Yoruba Oba.

I am the owner of Yoruba nation. Oba of Benin said Ugbo, very close to Okitipupa, is the owner of the South-West and that explains why we have some similarities with the Benin. Our ancestors had something in common; quote me as an authority. There is a book written by Jacob Eugharera in which he stated that the Benins captured 201 Yoruba towns and villages. Why they respected Ugbo was that when they were advancing, we had an Oba that was given respect equivalent to that of the Pope.

The Benin had a belief that Ugbo was very strong. If you want to read the history of the Yoruba, go to Portugal because they first had contact with the Yoruba ahead of other European countries.Yes; we have a community in Ile Ife and it is called Ile Ugbo – that was my father’s palace before I left it. I left about seven people there. The community is called Ile Ero at Okeremo. The palace is Ile Ugbo. They are still there till now”.

The current chairman of the Yoruba Obas Conflict Resolution Committee, owns impressive stakes in the oil industry that makes him arguably the richest African king. In 2014, Forbes Magazine put Oba Akinruntan’s net worth at $300 million.

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