Holy Trap…Who Will Rescue Dolapo Awosika From The Clutches Of Prophet Kasali?

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Holy Trap…Who Will Rescue Dolapo Awosika From The Clutches Of Prophet Kasali?

Holy Trap…Who Will Rescue Dolapo Awosika From The Clutches Of Prophet Kasali?
November 18
10:11 2018


By Según Oderinde

Unlike two peas in a pod, Dolapo Awosika and a certain Prophet Muyideen Kasali belong to two different and very distant worlds – in fact, liken them to water and oil which nature and science preclude from mixing, and you would not be mistaken.

A thoroughbred, London-trained lawyer who has dined and wined with some of the finest male species known to humanity, Dolapo’s grin or grimace would effortlessly tug at any man’s heartstrings and purse-strings. She is as beautiful as they come.

By virtue of education, socialisation and marriage, she knows her way through the labyrinth of power and prosperity. And she was once married, and has two kids by Nigerian-born ex-England footballer, the gangling and wealthy John Fashanu. The well-spoken co-presenter of television talk show, Amazons, with Aisha Falode and legendary actress, Bimbo Akintola, also resides – until recently though – in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Her path was never supposed to cross with that of her new paramour, a powerful prophet whose church is located in Moniya, a rustic and remote area of Akinyemi LGA, Ibadan.

Prophet Kasali became blind at three as a result of a measles outbreak in his village and was once abandoned in the bush by his kin who never thought he’d make good. Well, he has not only reportedly made good as a prophet; Kasali has got himself a quintessential trophy wife. He came into limelight about 10 years ago when he reportedly disarmed a robbery gang on the Ife – Ibadan Expressway, and when he got 25 cars as his 40th birthday present some years ago. Thus, Prophet Kasali may be deemed rich by his congregants and cheerleaders; he still doesn’t operate in the same sphere with Dolapo, the Lagos and London high society belle. But that is as far as logical reasoning goes.

In a classic case of the beauty and the beast, the love story of Dolapo and Kasali is rippling through high society and the media with strong allegations of voodoo being the common denominator. As the story goes, Dolapo was alleged to have sought spiritual help from the prophet who commands quite a following especially among miracle seekers, and before she knew it, was reportedly entranced, so badly that she abandoned the luxury and modernity of her highbrow Banana Island home to orbit in the rusticity of Moniya, a blip on the map of even Ibadan.

What made her friends and relatives cry out was the rumour that she has sold her Banana Island house – which Highlife cannot independently verify – to concentrate on her new marital adventure. They simply went bananas when Dolapo’s picture without make up surfaced online, reinforcing the fears of her friends and relatives that she must be under a spell.

Meanwhile, she has refuted the story outright, alleging that her detractors have inadvertently made her more popular. In a radio programme monitored by several blogs, Dolapo claimed that she doesn’t have any spiritual problem and that her visiting the prophet was at the behest of a friend. “A friend had issues and she asked me to go there for her. She doesn’t live in Nigeria. I was coming back from London to Nigeria and that was what I went for… I don’t go to Ori-Oke (prayer mountain),” she said.

However, during one of his prophetic programs on Facebook recently, the prophet allegedly confirmed that, indeed, he and Dolapo are now living as a couple and that no amount of blackmail can silence him or his ministry. He lampooned those circulating Dolapo’s picture during a prayer session, with the intent to corroborate claims that she is wallowing in poverty.

This has raised further questions than allaying the fears of those who know, and are worried about her. Importantly, will Dolapo ever return to Lagos, to her family and friends?


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  1. Bukky
    Bukky November 18, 10:38

    I pray this is not true. So sad. Please people should learn to pray to God directly. It is well

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  2. Alajoke
    Alajoke November 18, 14:49

    Why haven’t people look at it that the man might be a victim, as a redeemer what was she doing in that kind of place, I heard the man is rich she must have seduced him to get some wealth off him because she was already broke, she left church to go & do Jazz & you’re blaming the man can a blind man see a beautiful woman ? She obviously threw herself at him & maybe after tasting the apple he now add some perper to the salt for her.

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  3. Betty
    Betty November 18, 18:00

    There’s point in your comment. One has to be very careful in judging others sometimes. Obviously something is not right either from the lady or the man. May God take control.

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  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous November 18, 20:24

    Alajoke gbabe!! But she was no Redeemer. Don’t believe her lies. She like a lot of her family members are deep into white garment churches, following woolis and some are even woolis. Very calculating woman. Karma has come calling. From scamming so many men she thought she could scam this one. This is karma. Her plan didn’t work and she’s now stuck. She should be careful because the man will just lock her in a dark chamber and continue entrancing her.

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  5. Gudugba
    Gudugba November 19, 18:19

    This website and most of the comments from its Nigerian readers are extremely judgemental of the relationship between Dolapo Awosika and the blind preacher. What i don’t get is the Nigerian mindset that when a woman falls in love the woman must satisfy some of our warped values. Who says? For example, a pretty looking woman like Dolapo Awosika is expected to fall in love with either a man’s loaded wallet or good looks. Absolute rubbish! No wonder many other races in the world label all of us as money mongers. Cut the bullshit! Women love for very different reasons! This same debate crept up when Adams Oshoomole married his current pretty Ethiopian wife. Give the blind pastor and Dolapo Awosika a break for God’s sake!

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  6. Oludada
    Oludada November 20, 12:37

    What a prophet. Adultery is what is called in the Bible and is a sin.

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  7. Says who?
    Says who? November 20, 19:08

    Dolapo miscalculated. I know her very well cos we attended church together when she was still with John. She was never married to John. Her Family warned her to ask John to do a proper marriage but she refused because John was going to have the cow and milk free. He battered Dolapo whilst she had to hustle as the bread winner. Then Dolapo and John went into a deal with dangote that went bad. They took tge mans money. So dolapo has a history of swindling. The union that produced 3kids eventually broke with John and Dolapo continued her hustle as a single Mom. Suddenly she’s now kasali’s lover and manager.

    Well,following the prophets narrative, it is clear that it was Dolapo who threw herself at the vulnerable man who hardly had a choice in the matter. Dolapo didn’t offer to help him without thinking of what she stood to gain. This I am sure. But however, the man may have grounded her in the process. Very good for her. Lesson to all women who jump from one mountain to another valley for spiritual help.

    Meanwhile, Dolapo I think you’re becoming selfish in your quest to prove to the world that you are not after kasalis wealth. You’re beginning to distract the mans ministry and making it about yourself. He’s the one with a calling and not you. Perhaps we should be praying for kasali instead of Dolapo

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  8. mizta remzy
    mizta remzy November 21, 02:09

    Your comment it happens most of the time.Most prophets get their clients tied down after supposedly spiritual cleansing and healing.Most women either got trapped as wives or continue to empty their vaults.The prophet here is widely known and would not have done his calling any good if it is actually true that Dolapo has been entrapped using his spiritual or magical powers.

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