Adultery Scandal: Belema Oil Founder, Tein Jack Rich, Hot Under the Collar, Runs Hither, Thither

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Adultery Scandal: Belema Oil Founder, Tein Jack Rich, Hot Under the Collar, Runs Hither, Thither

February 10
15:33 2021

By Jude Okeke

The cesspool of adultery scandals in high places has welcomed another high profile victim. But Tein Jack-Rich, the billionaire oil and gas businessman behind Belema Oil Producing Limited, has refused to be consumed by it. With the sturdy support from his gorgeous wife, Elizabeth, Tein is fighting tooth and nail, running from pillar to post, consulting and conferring with friends and associates who know how to manipulate and manoeuvre narratives in the media to absolve himself of allegations of being the money man behind the actress, Destiny Etiko’s recent acquisition of a glimmering white PRADO SUV.

The curvy actress had posted the car on her Instagram page in celebration, which opened a floodgate of insinuations and point-blank accusations that she could not have afforded the car based on her fees from acting. Destiny is a D-List actress popular only in the Asaba section of the movie industry. She, however, found fame on social media due to her generously-endowed derriere. She was forced to deny the allegation that she was dating Tein, a married man with kids. Destiny claimed that she had never met him and cursed those peddling the rumour.

The oil businessman also reacted to the allegation via an error-ridden post on his Facebook page; ”Just saw these..can this be real news…What a world. Campaign of calumny… great news and achievements for societal advancement are not given widespread publicity to encourage others to help those in need. Never seen these faces before, never heard of these names either not to talk of closeness to such magnitude. But such is life. Never got calls and great spreads of our vision for a prosperous communities and nation but as preposterous as these, circulation reaching 5m…waaaoooh…what a political enigma….these real or one of those jokes thrown by political strategist or Wisemen to keep one defending what is unreal to shrink ability to create real substances to address needs.”

As a measure of support and solidarity, Elizabeth, Tein’s wife, whose claim to fame was being a model with Elizabeth Elohor’s Beth Model, posted a picture of the couple on Instagram. But it does not seem to be enough either as a popular International blogger has alleged that the post – which depicts a couple at peace and in love – was one of the ideas she proffered when the billionaire reached out to her via proxies on how to quell the raging rumour. A comedian who was alleged to have been brought in as PR consultant does not seem to have succeeded in this mission as the story keeps garnering traction. He is also being fingered as the one who appropriated the blogger’s ideas. Either way, Tein now has more enemies to contend with than just the rumour of buying a car for Destiny.

Despite being orphaned at 10, Tein, a Rivers State native, is one of the wealthiest young men around. His Belema Oil is regarded as the first indigenous oil Exploration and Production Company to emerge from an oil-producing Community in the heart of Niger Delta. It was registered in 2012 to efficiently explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons in Nigeria’s competitive energy sector where the Oil and Gas industry has been the mainstay of the national economy.

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