Agent Provocateur…Former Beauty Queen Finds Love Again.

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Agent Provocateur…Former Beauty Queen Finds Love Again.

Agent Provocateur…Former Beauty Queen Finds Love Again.
August 31
13:03 2019
*How she fell in Love with a Popular Prince
In her younger days, this former beauty queen was blessed with a beauty and skin colour that can illuminate a pitch-dark room, and candour and charm that command attention, now in her early 50s, she is still irresistible to both genders.
Men desire her and women court her friendship. If you believed that the gods were real, then she is the masterpiece. Her face and some cleavage could get her anything and anyone; she only needed to smile before new prospects start jumping through hoops to please her.
Quite a few have succeeded in dunking, notably, a former top politician in the country, who pampered her like the Queen that she is.  That was then!
This ageless beauty is no longer bleary-eyed or lachrymose. At a time when many would have given up on love, the former beauty queen, who is one of the popular socialites in Lagos social milieu, has finally found love.
Her current love interest is a dark-hued Prince from one of the cities called ‘Ilu Oke’  with a popular King in the south west. It is often the lot of mortals to encounter bliss even in the most crippling tragedy. Ask this beauty queen who was once very close to a Lagos-based white apparel-loving top society woman, she knows.
Unlike a thief in the night that threads stealthily, the smouldering beauty, has sashayed confidently into the life and home of this handsome Prince, and if prayers and pressure are not intensified, is about to make away with him, warts and all, leaving his wife and children to mourn and mope over a potentially huge loss.
She is that uncaring and raring to go. She is not new to interrupting or jolting conjugal courses. Because of her beauty, which makes men go weak in the knees at first sight while setting their hearts racing when she as much as opens her mouth to talk and her mellifluous occidental accent wafts through, she has men licking from her palms and she is skilled in tossing them about like a yoyo.
As far as the Prince is however concerned, she is ready to go to the end of the world to have him to herself, for keeps and for life. So into each other are they that she tells whoever cares to listen that Prince’s pulse has become her own private ticker tape and she is not ready to let go of him anytime soon.
You couldn’t have forgotten so soon  when the former beauty queen and her  socialite medical doctor lover,  planned to build castles in the air, have a fortress of a home with their kids rolling and frolicking on the lawn while they hold hands and give themselves a pat on the back for shaming critics who thought the Doctor especially was an irredeemable playboy, given his antecedents with society women, that would never settle down with her.
The plans were lofty and lovely. But things did not quite go as planned as the character traits of the two partners conflicted with their starry-eyed dreams. This lady chickened out of the relationship citing irreconcilable differences with  the man among other factors.
Even during her stormy relationship with this diminutive doctor, the beauty queen hardly had a breathing space. Initially, it was that his  first wife was fighting tooth and nail to reclaim her husband’s love, forgetting the fact that she lost it many years ago to sensuous society women.
Interestingly, their ill-fated relationship packed up like a badly arranged pack of cards years back. But the good thing is the beauty is now a proud mother of a set of twins and she has found love once again.
The Prince, who is happily married, is really taking care of her and her children. He ensures she never lacks anything any time of the day, regardless of whose ox is gored.
An insider squealed the Prince cannot imagine ever saying no to her because he literally worships the grounds on which she treads and turns to jelly in her celestial presence. Like a yo-yo, she manipulates him for her selfish ends.
However, no more for her are lonely nights and lovelorn days; broken promises of marriage and the consequent heartbreaks; the sneers and sniggers from friends and fiends who thought she could not hold a man down. Now, she is ready to tell it on the mountains that she has found love again and this time, it is for keeps, forever.


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