Comic Relief! Between Gov. Jide Sanwoolu and ‘His Excellency’

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Comic Relief! Between Gov. Jide Sanwoolu and ‘His Excellency’

Comic Relief!  Between Gov. Jide Sanwoolu and ‘His Excellency’
November 06
18:37 2019

‘One does not ignore leprosy to treat a rash’ is an adage applicable to an individual seen to be wasting time and resources on frivolous issues when stuff of far reaching impact are left unattended to.

Yes, Governor Babajide Sanwoolu  of Lagos State has from time to time shown that he is a comedian highly proficient at amusing many. His comical trait places him on a far higher plane than any politician of this era. To say that he has caught the funny bug is to state the obvious.

At a time his domain needs hands on, urgent attention from all fronts, only a jester can be audacious enough to be talking about  dropping the title, HIS EXCELLENCY and trying to make it a hot-button issue. If Governor Sanwo-Olu had thought that making his withdrawal of the title public would cast him as a down-to-earth public servant, he definitely got it wrong, as citizens have since been calling on him to stop playing to the gallery, roll up his sleeves and work himself to the marrow to fix the state whose decrepit infrastructure is stretched beyond the elastic limit.

According to ThisDay Editor, Olawale Olaleye, “I’m actually stunned that Governor Sanwo-Olu has the luxury of time to address the issue of title. How is that the business of governance we asked him to confront? How come he has the time to address such inanity in the midst of the daunting challenge of fixing the state? I’m still as shocked as your demeanor portrays in this picture. Who gives a hoot about what you choose to be called? Go fix the state, man!”

The dark-hued governor cuts the sharp, narrow silhouette of an aggressive jester. Governor Sanwo-Olu has been adjudged a listener and he is expected to fully get into the true mode of real governance, just as he listened to critics who advised him to stop taking pictures while pointing at objects that could not be traced.

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