The Return of Emefiele’s Secret Deity…

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The Return of Emefiele’s Secret Deity…

August 28
08:05 2022

Yes, Margaret Emefiele is the deity behind the eminence of Godwin Emefiele. Without her, he would be no extraordinary man. There is no gainsaying that she dwarfs too many of her peers in womanliness, valour, character and enterprise.

Godwin was made for Margaret. To her, it probably feels like she had him ordered and delivered to her, to be worshipped and revered. On this note, it may be said that Godwin is Margaret’s idol. And this is where it gets interesting; Godwin also considers Margaret a boon from God. The CBN head honcho treasures her like a priceless heirloom – this explains his predilection not to flaunt her like a sapphire-studded wristwatch or button hole bouquet to the world.

Through fortunate seasons and his most trying spell,she stood unflinchingly by him, urging him to seek solace in God’s ceaseless mercies. Their love was neither a performance nor a jailhouse thus Godwin and his heartthrob felt no pressure to break out of a literal or symbolic prison of lust and unrequited love.

She is a darling and a champion no doubt; unlike several women whose major preoccupation is unnecessary worry and fear of losing their husbands to other women, Margaret lives rest assured that her husband is hers forever. Hence, rather than squander precious time mooting plots and counter plots against presumed rivals, she devotes herself to loving her man and nourishing her marriage with unwavering devotion, loyalty and care.

Margaret Emefiele, like her husband, is dignified. The dutiful wife of CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, affects the moon’s modest nature. This makes her entrancing to behold and relate with. Her splendour is never fully displayed for long for mortal eyes to indulge.

Yes, Margaret is unpretentious in humility. Her unabashed modesty offers valuable lessons on what wantonness should be scorned and what values to court. She looks to simplicity, embraces purity, lessens the self and diminishes desire. Margaret’s modesty encrusts light in a sombre sky of darkness that characterises affluence and the bulk of high society.

It was so heartwarming to see the matronly wife of the CBN governor, at the burial ceremony of Dame Margaret Obaigbena, the mother of Nigeria’s most influential media proprietor and publisher of Thisday Newspaper and Arise TV,  Prince Nduka Obaigbena, in the sleepy community of Owa-Oyibu in Delta State last weekend. She is  no doubt one of the very few wives of top bankers who don’t make a song and dance of their fortune and privileges.

As the frills of the royal cashmere gratify the eyes and the warmth of princely flesh, so did the Emefiele’s wife manifest as a sight for sore eyes at the event. She elicited gasps of wonder and admiration over her dashing new look as she cuts a portrait of suavity, sexiness, good health, and fitness thus belying the perception that abundant wealth often fattens a woman to the point of obesity.Margaret is easy-going and indifferent to the frills and thrills, vanities and shenanigans of high society. Not even her husband’s position and power have changed her outlook on life. Perhaps the tedious caucuses of rich, spoilt, garrulous wives of Nigerian bank chiefs would emulate Margaret and desist from throwing their tiresome weights in people’s faces.

The last time she was in the news was when she was abducted by gunmen on in 2016. Mrs. Emefiele was said to have been waylaid by the gunmen around Ugoneki town along the Benin-Asaba-Onitsha Expressway in Edo State.
The operation left her orderly dead, according to a community source.
The source said Mrs. Emefiele had boarded a flight from Abuja and landed safely at the Benin Airport, from where she left for Agbor in Delta State by road.
It was gathered that the hoodlums intercepted the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) she was travelling in and shot her orderly, who attempted to resist the operation.
It was not yet clear how the heavily armed men escaped with their captives into the bush, but sources said that two persons, including Mrs. Emefiele, were whisked away and was later released. Since then, the beautiful woman relocated abroad with her children.

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