Exclusive! ‘Married women are sweeter and better in bed’- Fitness Trainers

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Exclusive! ‘Married women are sweeter and better in bed’- Fitness Trainers

Exclusive! ‘Married women are sweeter and better in bed’- Fitness Trainers
September 23
15:08 2017

• How They Catch Them At The Gym

Married women are the new sport to the creeps among men, not a few husbands would readily admit. To the latter, a married woman should be off-limits to the ubiquitous philanderer, no matter the circumstance. Notwithstanding this unwritten rule of indulgence, young, dashing Nigerian hunks have developed a striking taste for married women of all divides.

This clearly discountenances the popular saw which avers that a mistress should be like a little country retreat near the town, not to dwell in constantly, but only for a night and away – and she must be evidently single. These days, the identity of the mistress is undergoing remarkable changes; the image of the mistress as a kept woman far from the abode of her beau is outdated and in its stead, a brash, daring breed of paramour has re-emerged.

Several young bachelors and married men spiritedly vie for the love and attention of the next wild married cougar on the block; in the jostle, some simply settle for the foxy and neglected housewife next door.

This morbid taste for other men’s wives is nurtured and perpetuated across social grades and societal circuits. It is the reason why many celebrity marriages crash and burn before they fully evolve; it is also responsible for several broken marriages and homes in less privileged circuits.

While many husbands and victims of their exploits consider their choice of guilty pleasure creepy, the contemporary Nigerian adulterer sees nothing wrong in his exploits.

“So what if I am into a married woman? How does that make me a creep? Married women for your information are getting wiser and more daring than ever now. They are open to sexual escapades of any kind. Be it wild or modestly designed, having a relationship with a married woman is infinitely rewarding and more peaceful and mature than dating some modern, financial independent vixen,” argued Tunde Odunsi, 37, an investment banker.

In the same vein, Emeka Ubah, a pub owner, stated that, “People should stop making too much fuss about married women seeking game (extramarital relationship). What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Married men shouldn’t have all the fun. Most of my customers using my rooms for short rest here are married women.

Some of them live within the neighbourhood and many more come from afar; they often come with boy toys or fitness trainers and at times, young pretty female lovers. But I am not in the business of judging people. I opened my bar and rooms to make money.” Ubah, a retired civil servant, disclosed that he had dated a married woman in the past, “But I had to call off the relationship because it was hurting someone very close to me. She is married to my brother-in-law,” he revealed.

The rising rate of infidelity between couples in Nigeria has given rise to worry and anxiety in several societal quarters as many marriages have crashed as a result of it.

Just few weeks ago, a survey surfaced, listing countries with most unfaithful wives in the world. To the consternation of many Nigerians, the survey conducted by Durex, a condom manufacturer, placed Nigerian women top of the list of global adulterers thus beating 35 other countries, including Western countries, sampled in the marital infidelity test.

Many Nigerian wives argued that the survey result is fraudulent claiming that religious and cultural strictures prevent Nigerian women from engaging in wanton extramarital affairs, unlike their international counterparts.
But despite the heartfelt attempt by concerned wives to dismiss the report, more Nigerian bachelors and married men continually admit that most of their memorable escapades were with married women. Toyin Alebiosu, a fitness instructor, revealed that after being continually hit on and propositioned by rich, married women coming to his gym, he was forced to date two of his clients. “And contrary to popular opinion, I had the time of my life with those women.

Married women are sweeter, they are more mature and they are better on bed. They are greater sex bombs than all these chewing gum girls loitering the streets. More importantly, they do not bother you for money and other unnecessary bills,” he said.

A journalist who pleaded anonymity however, counseled caution stating that he almost got burnt dating a married woman in his office. “The woman was the administrative manager at my workplace. When we started dating, it was a great experience. We made love in her office and her car on countless occasions. I could be at my computer working and she would send me a text message requesting that I come ravage her at her desk and because her SUV has tinted glass, we were able to have sex in it frequently. It was a rollercoaster ride until we got caught,” revealed the assistant editor with an Abuja-based newspaper.

But despite the sordid disclosures by various toy-boys, Janice Odum, a life-coach and mall operator argued that there still many Nigerian women that are faithful to their marriages. “No matter our exposure and educational experience, a typical Nigerian woman will never disrespect her marriage and her husband by engaging in extramarital affairs,” she said.

Gladys Eze (not real name), a 41-year old married woman however, revealed that continous neglect by her husband drove her into the arms of another man. According to the frequent caller at a popular Lagos bar, “My husband is a frequent traveler and it is due to the nature of his work. He is an oil worker. But whenever he is around, he hardly spends time with me.

He thinks I do not know that he keeps a bevy of girlfriends at his beck and call. I am human too. I got tired of neglect and my vibrator,” said the mother of three. Eze disclosed that she began to enjoy relative peace and fulfillment the moment she ventured out into the arms of other men. She is currently dating the husband of her co-worker and friend. “It’s a purely physical relationship. We are in it for the sex,” she said.

Current research suggests that one in every five women has had an affair at one point or another, making that the highest rate in history. Similar statistics show that the percentage of adulterous women is now equal to that of male adulterers.

According to a new report by Durex, a condom manufacturing company, Nigerian women are ranked the most unfaithful at 62 percent score over other females from around the world. The report was carried out based on interviews with 29,000 people in 36 countries. The survey claims that regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, or a committed relationship, Nigerian women tend to be unfaithful, giving a 62% prevalence of unfaithfulness.

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