Expensive Sex! Beyond The Intrigues Of Nollywood Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike’s Alleged Sexcapade With Apostle Suleman

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Expensive Sex! Beyond The Intrigues Of Nollywood Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike’s Alleged Sexcapade With Apostle Suleman

Expensive Sex! Beyond The Intrigues Of Nollywood Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike’s Alleged Sexcapade With Apostle Suleman
August 30
14:27 2021

• Cleric affects nonchalance as actress accuses him of paying her N500,000 for sex

• Why Suleman must speak to the merit of Ifemeludike’s allegations

All bitter truths resound as blasphemies. Yet it is often said that a truth that is told with bad intent, beats all the lies that could be invented. Thus if the intention is the measure for rendering actions true, it may be said that where the intention is sound, action is sound, and where it is corrupt, then action is corrupt.

In light of these profound notions of intent and truth, the jury may be out on Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike’s claim that Apostle Johnson Suleman, General Overseer (GO) of the Omega Fire Ministries International, committed adultery by sleeping with her in a hotel in Ikeja, Lagos.

There have been several allegations against Suleman – including the highly controversial claims by Stephanie Otobo who later recanted – with all of them having no substance. Suleman’s accusers had always come back to recant and apologise.

But Ifemeludike seems bent on sticking to her claims about her adulterous affair with the pastor. The actress, in a video released on Saturday, alleged that she had sex with Apostle Suleman twice and was paid N500,000 by the cleric.

In an Instagram video, that she termed confession, Ifemeludike also said that “Dear @lyndaclems, I have to tell the world about that hookup you arrange between @johnson_suleman_official and myself on the 20th November 2016 in a hotel at Ikeja, the apostle secretly gave me his number and we had a second meeting at oriental hotels Lagos.

“I’m sorry my conscience can’t hold it anymore. I encourage you to tell the truth as a mother and a Christian, to put the devil to shame and save millions of souls being misled…

“To my family and friends, I am sorry, don’t judge me. Please, pray for me so the light of God will continue to expose every work of darkness in my life and the church of God…”

While the confession video has elicited mixed reactions in the social space, Apostle Suleman claimed he is unperturbed. The cleric responded while preaching in his church on Sunday, claiming that he didn’t watch the video made by the actress because he doesn’t want to be distracted.

He wondered why some of his loyalists were messaging to encourage him when he was not even bothered by the allegation.

He said: “Why are you encouraging a man that is not discouraged? I’m upset since yesterday. I saw messages saying that I should not worry. Read my countenance, when you see me moody you can encourage me.

“Do I look like somebody who needs encouragement? I’m not discouraged at all and I’m not angry at those insulting me on social media.”

Suleman added that he was neither annoyed nor heartbroken by comments about the scandal on social media.

“They are reacting to what they read. They are reacting to what they see and not what they know. You can’t know me and not like me, it’s impossible. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I must do the work of he that sent me,” he said.

The cleric further added that he intentionally ignored all the videos made against him.

“My wife can bear witness, all the videos done against me, I’ve not watched one. Many of you have watched it but me, the subject matter, I’ve not watched one. What I don’t see cannot affect me.

“Somebody sent me a video from a blog yesterday, that was the last time it was on my phone. I guard my heart so that I can have fellowship with God. Stop all these rumours and gossips. What will not encourage me, I don’t give attention to it,” Suleman said.

Notwithstanding his claims, pundits argued that fumes hardly emanate without fire; many social media users, Christians inclusive, are of the opinion that if Apostle Suleman had no skeletons in his closet, he wouldn’t be on the receiving end of persistent adultery and sex-for-money scandals.

The import for the adherents and future of his church, and for Christendom in general, has been the foci of intense debates across various fora.

Whatever his excuses, Suleman has failed to address the merit of the actress’ allegations and instead struggled to direct attention away from them – this, several people have argued hardly exonerates him from the scandalous allegations.

More people have wondered why Suleman has always been in the eye of such scandalous storms.

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