First Wife’s The Charm! Atiku Abubakar Retraces His Path To First Wife Titi’s Warm Embrace

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First Wife’s The Charm! Atiku Abubakar Retraces His Path To First Wife Titi’s Warm Embrace

First Wife’s The Charm! Atiku Abubakar Retraces His Path To First Wife Titi’s Warm Embrace
June 27
15:39 2021
.How trophy wife, Jennifer’s dissent over Moroccan bride paved way for their reunion
.What the former VP learned from keeping multiple wives

Let no man trust the passion of a trophy wife, there is in it a drop of gall. At the slightest provocation or threat to her position, her devotion diminishes to a whirr. Ask Atiku Abubakar.

If there is one lesson that the Turaki Adamawa and former Vice President (VP) of Nigeria, has learnt from keeping multiple wives, it is that save his first wife, Titi, the others’ loyalty and affection are fickle.

Consequently, he has retraced his way into the warm embrace of Titi, the woman who has reportedly being through thick and thin with him. The former VP and serial presidential contender faced his epiphany in the wake of his desertion by his trophy bride and third wife, Jennifer Douglas.

Few months after he married a Moroccan as his fourth wife, his hitherto favourite spouse, Jennifer, stormed out of her matrimonial home, seething with displeasure. While it is unclear whether she would file for divorce, there are very strong indications that she would not be returning as Atiku’s wife, stated sources within the family.

Findings revealed that Jennifer only recently relocated to London from their family homes in Abuja and Dubai in protest after Atiku introduced his new wife to the family in 2017. In 2018 Atiku welcomed his first son with the Moroccan thus cementing his union with her and spurring Jennifer to desert their marital home. Jennifer, a season lawyer of Igbo extraction, was allegedly heartbroken by her husband’s marriage to a fourth wife. Thinking the latter had come to take her place, she took leave of her marital home.

But even after he rediscovered passion and love in his new bride, Atiku clearly rued the absence of some potent factors in his marital life, like unsullied bliss, tolerance, understanding and warmth.

In search of them, he traced his path back to Titi, the only woman who tolerated all his excesses and accepted him without inhibitions.

Just recently, he relocated from the abode he shared with Jennifer, his trophy wife in Dubai, and moved into a comfy mansion in Abuja with Titi, his first wife.

Finally, Titi is having the last laugh. She has proved to her co-wives and rivals that despite her age and presumed loss of elan, she holds the only promise to their husband’s true love and contentment.

It would be recalled that Titi had not been getting the best of attention from the Turaki Adamawa, who was reportedly unhappy with her intrusive nature, particularly how she interfered in their children’s marriages and crucial life decisions.

Consequently, Atiku drifted towards Jennifer aka Jamilah and paid more attention to her.

He was so smitten with the lady that he consulted with her in most of the decisions that affected his businesses and political career. Atiku enjoyed a lot of pampering and love from Jennifer.

But Titi was hardly perturbed. At some point, she confided with some of her close friends over goings-on in her marriage, stressing that she would rather invest her energy in taking care of her grandchildren than being bothered about being neglected by the Turaki Adamawa.

But unknown to her, she wouldn’t have to despair for so long. Now, that her husband has retraced his steps back to her, Titi has reasserted her dominance as the only woman with a special key to Atiku’s trove of love. Perhaps she would reassert her right to the title of First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, if her husband should ever emerge achieve his dream of winning the presidential seat.

Titi was certainly not a piece of artifact; while she abhorred being deserted all these years by her billionaire husband, she had no qualms forgiving him. The only tremor she felt at his return was of reignited love.

The only quake she feels right now is rooted in yearning for her hitherto absent heartthrob who had been missing in action.

Titi’s grand children better move over, grandma is lost in throes of a speechless rapture for grandpa.

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