Glad tidings… Intrigues as Chagoury brothers and Alpha woman, Oyin Adeyemi, Bury the hatchet

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Glad tidings… Intrigues as Chagoury brothers and Alpha woman, Oyin Adeyemi, Bury the hatchet

Glad tidings… Intrigues as Chagoury brothers and Alpha woman, Oyin Adeyemi, Bury the hatchet
June 25
11:08 2017

Few months ago, they lunged and tore at each other like heat-crazed feral cats, but as you read, the bitterness and angst that reigned have disappeared without trace.

Indeed, as it is in politics where there are no permanent enemies but permanent interests, so it is in the seamy world of high-powered business. In business, it is even easier to pull a dagger on an associate today and clink glasses and backslap tomorrow. Compromise is the rule of the game after all.

Oyin Adeyemi, the alpha-woman and the chief executive officer of construction giant, Still Earth Group, and Ronald Chagoury, understand this as much as accustomed politicians. Smarting from a business relationship that almost gone bad more than a year ago, the billionaires have come to realize that the sincere friends of this world are as the lights of ship on a stormy night. Very essential. Very indispensable.

While people are still wondering how easy it was for them to quickly rally round in spite of the bitterness that trailed the dispute, it is now business as usual between the Still Earth boss and the Chagourys. Yes, they settled it! The top business people are wiser now. Having experienced the motions of the action and counteraction that ignites the reciprocal struggle of discordant powers, they have settled their differences and achieved harmony with the universe.

And their polarized friends, especially those who witnessed their hair-raising crossfire of barbs and disputation are happy that the dust has settled. Even happier is the youthful managing directorof Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe. Indeed, Oyin, Chagoury and Access Bank have always done businesses together and it was a no-brainer that when Oyin and the Chagourys fell apart, easy-going Herbert reportedly had to bend double, reaching out to powerful Nigerians with a view to calling a truce but the blood of the warring parties had reached such boiling point that even a cauldron had nothing on it.

Nobody was ready to shift ground. But all that is now in the past. The dust has settled and reason has prevailed. And all the parties involved have come to realize that they cannot be friends or business associates for long if they cannot forgive each other’s failings.

Those who know the enterprising Oyin say the compromise reached is consistent with her thoroughbred, transparent character. Wealthy and connected, yet, modest and obliging, the Abuja University  and Havard graduate has worked her way up the business ladder to allow just one bad business ruin her increasing legacy of entrepreneurial successes.

Oyin exemplifies a totally modern yet timeless construct of femininity that manifests as a blend of dashing individuality and noble pedigree. She worked hard to attain her current status and she is far removed from the contemporary alpha female stereotype that glorifies flamboyance, self-aggrandizement and narcissism above substance.
The self-driven entrepreneur and construction magnate comes across as an enviable amazon and achiever in an area and era where everyone seems to understate the role and worth of a driven woman.

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