Celebration Galore… Billionaire Oil Magnate, Sholaye Jeremi,  Throws Mother Of All Party In Delta As Mother Clocks 70

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Celebration Galore… Billionaire Oil Magnate, Sholaye Jeremi,  Throws Mother Of All Party In Delta As Mother Clocks 70

Celebration Galore… Billionaire Oil Magnate, Sholaye Jeremi,  Throws Mother Of All Party In Delta As Mother Clocks 70
October 06
21:33 2019

*Gifts Mother  2020 Jaguar XJR

Today, Sunday, 6thOctober, one of Nigeria’s richest oil and gas entrepreneurs, Sholaye Jeremi, effectively put to rest the inquiry and endless streams of speculations about the limits and otherwise of his affluence and influence. Yes, Sapele, Delta State, literally heaved and creaked as the cream of Nigerian high  society, top businessmen, preeminent government functionaries and high net-worth individuals from Lagos, Abuja  and everywhere in between, stormed the oil-rich town to felicitate with the Jeremis on their mother, Mrs Lilian Jeremi’s 70th birthday.

Not surprisingly, the Jewel of the Delta, as many call Sholaye, dug into his contacts and connections to celebrate the illustrious life of his mother. They well dressed guests oozed wealth and showed lesser mortals how billionaires ball. Everything that makes a party merry and memorable was in effusive supply. Expensive champagnes and vintage cognacs covered the finely draped tables for the pleasure of the guests while the menu was gourmet all through.

To ensure that his guests partied smoothly and in style and without disruption of any kind, Sholaye got his fierce-looking security men who manned the different areas of the venue. It was one of those times when Sholaye had genuine cause to deploy his vast wealth for serious merriment.

Indeed, when you are wealthy and connected and sociable, throwing a party that would be in the mind and mouth of attendees for ages comes naturally to you.  And it was no less for Sholaye today.  No doubt, many of his peers and protégés would give a limb to swap places with him for just one day.  The colour of the day was bright and beautiful and compliance was appreciable. Guests were welcomed to the exquisitely decorated venue where gourmet dining had been laid out for their palette and pleasure.

From carefully selected hors d’oeuvre, mouth-watering menus, to afterses that tickle and tempt, and champagnes and cognacs and exotic wines, Sholaye had the guests feasting and bingeing with decent abandon while Singer, Omawunmi was on the bandstand. Mirth and merry hovered in the air. As the guests thrilled to delightful music of Omawunmi, their hair stood on end and they tipped over in merriment – their joy spilling from their souls into the air and sky high into the blue firmament.

Sholaye had a permanent smile on his face as he moved from table to table ensuring nothing was in short supply; a flute with bubbly that never ran short, never leaving his hand.  Thus, he went all out to give his mother a memorable birthday celebration never seen before in Delta State.

The beautiful celebrant and  her lovely children wore a permanent smile and savoured the festivities.  And however, Sholaye’s mother didn’t just have a birthday party to show off how wealthy her son is; it was more a celebration of her dazzling life, her dedication to friends and family and commitment to the uplift of humanity.

Looking radiant and regal in her gold Swarovski stoned George ensemble, Mama was a cynosure of all eyes as she danced with her children and guests. She swayed and shuffled effortlessly underlying her age and reminding guests of her enviable life.  It was one party that allowed many of Nigeria’s moneymen to unwind and reconnect in an atmosphere of uninhibited revelry and merriment.

The crowd was select and classy. The ambience was celestial in its gold draperies. And  nobody left until the drinks had thinned to a tributary.

To add icing on the cake of the day, Sholaye gifted his mother a 2020 Jaguar XJR. The mother was over the moon! Yes, Sholaye loves his mother so dearly!

Guests at the occasion include former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, Julius Rone, the billionaire head honcho at UTM Group, Greg Uanseru, Scott-Tommey, Raymond Abia, Babatunde Agbede, Lesley Atake and so many other important guests.




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