Mr Talk and Do! How Dapo Abiodun Conquered The Land, Sea, and Air

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Mr Talk and Do! How Dapo Abiodun Conquered The Land, Sea, and Air

March 08
05:28 2023

The Landmark Projects, Policies that have Redefined Governance in Ogun State in 42 Months

The dullard’s envy of brilliant men is always assuaged by the suspicion that they will come to a bad end. In the same vein, opponents of the outstanding Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, wish that he seals his brilliant performance with a sad end. Wishful thinking.
42 months after he assumed the seat of power at the Ogun State Government House, in Oke Mosan, Ogun State, Abiodun has been adjudged the best governor in Nigeria’s southwest.
And the reason is not far-fetched. On his watch, Ogun State has thrived and prospered. A journey through the state manifests as a pilgrimage of some sort. Whether sojourning by land, sea, or air, the sights and seasons of “The Gateway State” emit the shine that diamonds give in a landscape of coarse, leaden stones. Ogun, on Abiodun’s watch, sparkles enchantingly.
Its glitter travels across neighbouring states even as its lustre illumines large, distant tracts beyond its borders. More shining feats have been recorded on Governor Abiodun’s watch since he assumed the governorship seat of the state.
That Abiodun distills splendor out of slog is an open secret. By his remarkable exploits, he has conquered both land and air. He has recorded monumental feats by his road infrastructure projects and his recent launch of the State’s Mass Bus Transit System manifests in furtherance of his dream to rework Ogun State as a poster icon of a fluid, functional, and effective transportation system.
Against the backdrop of the numerous awards and commendations he enjoys at home and abroad, the people of Ogun State see in him, the much-awaited Messiah who would turn the fortunes of the state around within the shortest possible.
On Abiodun’s watch, Ogun State is rid of administrative malfeasance, the misplacement of priorities, and mismanagement of resources that dogged it through previous administrations. It is for this reason that the citizenry of the state and the most influential power blocs have unanimously decided to reward him with a second term in office, argued pundits.
Abiodun’s government amplifies the shared hope of a better and brighter future which he espouses and evinces via humane governance and developmental projects.
This clearly contradicts the image and fortunes of the state under its immediate past leadership. In that era, widely bemoaned as the state’s locust years, the people lived in an abject lack of infrastructure and good governance. But while the people toiled and withered to the ravage of deplorable infrastructure, poor governance, and insecurity, the bank accounts of their insensate leaders became fatter.
This was the situation until Prince Abiodun came to power on May 29, 2019. His coming was, understandably, perceived as a breath of fresh air because he was not the typical desperate politician with no second address.
True to his electoral promise of building a new Ogun State, Prince Abiodun rolled up his sleeves and has been working himself to the bone in his quest to restore the lost glory of the state.
Dapo Abiodun’s passion ignites a legend, shorn of wiles, and frantic artifice. Its intricate yarn appeals to electorate minds not because they reiterate grandiose delusions, but because they reiterate a very deep passion to serve.
At the inception of his administration, the executive governor of Ogun State, like a knight in shiny armour, wore on the sleeves of his heart, an undying desire to serve the citizenry of his state. Thus his relentless bid to improve the lot of his people and attract to the state, unprecedented development.
Little wonder large segments of the state’s citizenry and political power blocs have approved his re-election bid.

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