William Clowes – The Mercenary Journalist for Highest Bidders

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William Clowes – The Mercenary Journalist for Highest Bidders

William Clowes – The Mercenary Journalist for Highest Bidders
April 02
18:05 2021

Only one thing matters to William Clowes, the Nigerian-based Bureau Chief of Bloomberg; and it is not upholding the integrity of the profession he swears by or breaking earth-shaking stories; it is the filthy lucre, regardless of whose ox is gored.

Based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, Clowes, according to colleagues, is unapologetically avaricious and carefree about it. At the toss of a hat, Clowes can reportedly conjure, contrive or manipulate a story of national importance just to suit or satisfy his paymasters. His avarice is said to be on another level entirely.

Until he manipulated his transfer to Nigeria, Clowes was a freelance journalist based in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo where the catalogue of atrocities he used his pen and platform to commit is said to be mind-numbing. He allegedly pandered to the whims of the ruling class and any individual or institution that can line his pockets to the detriment of the generality of Congolese citizens who saw the media as their last hope. Clowes dashed such hopes with indecent abandon.

In Abuja where he lives like an emperor, his notoriety has grown exponentially. He is reportedly the go-to man for politicians and businessmen who want to set Nigeria alight using the international media. It is, however, in the oil and gas sector that he has made a lot of fortune. Clowes corners deals beyond his call of duty.

“William is more or less like a mercenary whose sole motivation is money. He does not even pretend about it anymore.” a source revealed.

More unfortunate about Crowes’ stock in trade is that he has turned Bloomberg, a veritable media platform, into a liable and willing tool to be used for his dirty tricks. What befuddles colleagues in the FCT is that the international news agency, which prides itself as being forthright and fair, seems to have turned a blind eye to Clowes’ profit over principles’ carryings-on. But, for how long?


-Copied from nairaland

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