Breaking: Billionaire Construction Magnate, Oyinda Adeyemi, Loses Jewellery, Watches, others Worth Over $5million Dollars To Cotonou Staff

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Breaking: Billionaire Construction Magnate, Oyinda Adeyemi, Loses Jewellery, Watches, others Worth Over $5million Dollars To Cotonou Staff

Breaking: Billionaire Construction Magnate, Oyinda Adeyemi, Loses Jewellery, Watches, others Worth Over $5million Dollars To Cotonou Staff
January 12
08:37 2020
Of a truth, the menace of housemaids turning to monsters is increasingly becoming a pandemic that requires urgent and drastic steps to stem, else it turns out a conflagration that burns everyone and everything on its way into irretrievable ashes. Billionaire businesswoman behind the behemoth construction company, StillEarth Group, Oyinda Samira Adeyemi, is too rich to howl. But it hurts too much for her to wave off the wilful and painful malfeasance and betrayal by her now at large cook, a dude from Cotonou, with a shrug.

According to the information doing the rounds, the cook broke into her safe and carted away expensive jewelleries, watches as well as other valuable personal items worth over $5million dollars. As the story goes, not too long ago, Oyinda hired the cook whose nefarious intent and plans were wrapped with his seemingly harmless, innocent mien.  Few weeks after he resumed, he calculatively broke into her safe and carted away all the jewellery during one Oyinda’s trips outside the country. The evil cook is on the run even as you read.

Oyinda had engaged the cook based on a trusted acquaintance’s recommendation of him as diligent, skilled and honest cook, believing the due diligence story as told by the acquaintance. Oyinda’s credulous trait would turn out to work against her as events unravelled. The cook realised her boss is peripatetic based on her nature of business that takes out of town from time to time. Interestingly, every patina of Oyinda’s character, from her enthralling femininity to her imperceptible assertiveness, conveys a sphinx-like magnetism.
Oyin is a total woman; not a run-of-the-mill  and party-hopping society woman, she is an enchanting equal to a post-modern heroine imbued with style, engaging irresistibility and intellectual depth. A distinguished icon of female power on the business realm, Oyin presents a perfect portrait of a celebrity workaholic with intimidating depth and drive for excellence.  These towering traits have led in no small measure to her speedy rise up the entrepreneurial ladder. Oyin’s spectacular rise is worthy of her exertions along the path of ambition and entrepreneurship.

A beautiful woman inside-out, easy on the eye, very reserved and blessed with a first class brain, Oyin holds MSc in Political Economy and Development Studies and also undertook the Owner/President Management Program of Harvard Business School, USA. An ex-banker turned self-driven entrepreneur and construction magnate, Oyin comes across as an enviable Amazon and achiever in an area and era where everyone seems to understate the role and worth of a driven woman. 

However, like the scriptural thief coming to steal, kill and devour, the Cotonou housemaids and cooks have not come with a motive to earn a living but to help themselves to riches by stealing blind their employers’ earnings, and at times, terminating their lives in the most gruesome manner. When they pounce on their victims, it is always without compassion. 

However, such heinous crimes are not the exclusive preserves of only cooks and other domestic helps; even security guards from the tiny West African country leave in their trail sorrow, tears and blood. It is becoming increasingly worrisome as syndicates now make a fortune out of this despicable trend. The syndicate comprises men and women who designate themselves as ‘Agents’. 

The agents recruit and give out the domestic staff based on an agreed financial arrangement and connive with them to rob the client of their possessions. Interestingly, these agents also have top society women as customers who buy the jewelleries from them.
This set of women also use their connections to protect the unscrupulous elements. Alas, tracking the perpetrators of these crimes has been a hard nut for the police to crack because some of them use unregistered SIM cards, a factor that led to the huge fine imposed on MTN in 2018 by the Nigeria Communications Commission.

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