The silence of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas boss, Abdulrahman Bashir

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The silence of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas boss, Abdulrahman Bashir

The silence of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas boss, Abdulrahman Bashir
March 07
16:33 2016

Abdulrahman Bashir is imperceptible now. He has become like the languid breeze blowing listlessly across withering meadows. But he is no breeze; he is actually keeping a low profile. Back when he was a hunk and A-list oil mogul, he attracted the loyalists, colleagues and friends as the pollen nectar attracts butterflies to sup from its sweetness.

Then Bashir morphed into a haughty hunk of sort, presenting a perfect portrait of the power-drunk and currency-activated businessman who brooked no opposition to his views and was ruthless towards perceived enemies or opposition.

However, Abdulrahman Bashir knew that to catch a tiger cub, he must enter the tiger’s lair; whatever danger that portends. Thus like a knight destined to win glorious triumphs and the love of the woman that charmed his heart, Bashir sought the affection of Aishat, the beautiful last daughter of late President Umaru Yar’adua, even as he vied for an enviable spot in the pantheons of Nigeria’s high flying businessmen. That was supposed to be a great feat if he could pull it off.

But sadly, he couldn’t. In his quest, the MD/CEO of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas, forgot momentarily that the Yar’Adua girls were meant for the love and attention of serving Governors. Although the older two, Nafisa and Zainab, were married to former Governors Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State and Saidu Dakingari of Kebbi State respectively, Bashir wasn’t daunted. He kept faith in his love for Aishat hoping that by a twist of fate, he would win her heart. Love however, turned awry for the starry-eyed Romeo when a popular billionaire businessman showed interest in the svelte young lady then. It was a big battle between them at that time. But that is not Bashir’s only claim to fame.

The MD/CEO of Ramaniyya Oil and Gas attracted public attention when his name featured prominently among those whose non-performing loans brought many Nigerian banks to their knees. That was many years ago. To say that Bashir was badly bruised and shaken by Sanusi’s sanitization policies is to understate his plight. However, despite his past misadventures, Bashir is optimistic about rising up again. He has certainly learnt valuable lessons from his past challenges. Now calm, cool and collected, Bashir, goes about his businesses in the most humble and strategic manner. The former Femi Otedola errand boy has grown to become gentle giant and promising entrepreneur of the future.

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