Inspiring Mileage! Tribute To Billionaire Businessman, Scott Tommey, At 51

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Inspiring Mileage! Tribute To Billionaire Businessman, Scott Tommey, At 51

November 12
08:07 2021

Billionaire businessman, Scott Tommey’s life reads like an intricate code of manhood but the subtext is no ordinary cipher. Tommey, the head honcho of Osmoserve Global Services, is not your average man. The magnitude and special intensity of his humanness resonates a timeless ethos of quality; it’s inspiring, searing, benevolent.

Ultimately, it resonates a triumph story.

Unlike many of his peers, his rise to eminence was as much a product of unrelenting will and his astounding ability to pirouette himself from obscurity to entrepreneurial acclaim by the bootstraps.
As far as business ideas and innovations are concerned, Mr. Tommey turns nothing down, except the collar of his shirt. From oil and gas to shipping, telecommunication and merchandising, his imprimatur stares you boldly in the face.


Notwithstanding his amazing victories, he does not consider himself luckier or less ignorant than most people. He had been and will always be a seeker. Ultimately, his life revolves what great good he could do for so vast a people across his beloved homeland.

At the start of his journey, Tommey ceased to question the stars and the rigours of living. Instead, he listened to the teachings of his forbears and the whispers of ambition and the chug chug of the mills of industry.

Scott ’s jaunt from obscurity to acclaim is no doubt a journey of purpose, a hair-raising sojourn mired in experience specific to him. To be responsible for his life, he had to fully live and traverse the world in all its fragility and wiles, its coarseness and utter transience, without loving it less for being so predictable and odd. 

In pursuit of acclaim, he committed himself to the grind of endeavour, determined to persist even through false starts and failure. He understood that persistent failure may eventually morph into triumph, and the specificities of a life fully lived can be found in memorable victories and defeat.

For a man who challenged resolve with steely grit and exploited the arduous planes of ambition and toiltill he encountered grandeur at the crossroads, where wild contemplation and hard work morph into triumph, Tommey, despite being feted and idolised across the world, will not be deified by anyone simply because he turns excellence and humaneness into an art form.

The startling lustre of gold ingot pales to the radiance of Scott Tommey. Scottie, as many prefer to call him, is not your average human. Some would liken him to a modern-day idol but he resolutely transcends the lure of hyperbolic praise.

At work and play, he affects the candour of a general and the passion of a poet as he embarks on a relentless mission to milk a life of bliss and make the most of every opportunity presented to him by miserly fate.

A child is spoiled when he accepts the position into which permissive, doting parents thrust him. Growing up, Scott’s parents accorded him no such indulgence. Rather than foster his descent into decadence, they raised him on a bittersweet diet of tough love and inexorable care thus, his maturation into a titan and leader of men. Unlike most of his peers who were born into affluence and raised in verdant luxury, Scott wasn’t raised like a passenger on what was intended to be a pleasure excursion. Thus, he had not the luxury of time to find fault as soon as the journey became a little weary.

The characteristics of the spoiled child did not tarnish him in childhood neither did it mar his psyche through adolescence and his strides in adulthood. Yet, childhood ensconced him like a garment that carries nobly the name of the proverbial wild Highland clan of minors and adventurous boys. If his lineage could be classified among such noble scions of dreamers and adventurists, he would maybe be counted among the clan from those hills where rain is not so much an incident as an atmosphere. 

As a child, his imagination was constantly lit by the tempestuous flame of youth; his thoughts flowered imaginatively as he engaged in a constant struggle to reconcile the wild, playful haul of his hormones with the ancient wisdom persistently drummed into his head and his mind by his conservative parents.

Therefore, adventurous and wildly imaginative as he was, Scott could not yield to the arbitrary lure of juvenile wiles nor pretend to live in a verdant pavilion of affluent spoils and consequence-free whims. Thanks to his parents, a great deal of his childhood was spent imbibing and appreciating the moral rectitude and military qualities of the Highlander and conservative Christian in one breath. 

Notwithstanding the moral strictures by which he was raised, his childhood was blissful and memorable. He was a truly loved child. Growing up in the Tommey’s household was like evolving in a brilliant world of dazzling mirrors. Even now, he relives the sparks of magic and tufts of grace wrought in his psyche by his exceedingly principled and loving parents.

 His life as a child was brilliant with sunshine. As the sun emblazons the sky in beams of gold and brightens the earth with brilliant spokes, his parents’ love radiated all over him, imbuing him with something of the fabled beauty of Eden and the charm of Neverland. 

It also showered over him like the proverbial fount and brook that reiterates every detail of nature, earth and sky. Between his parents’ moral restraints and their unbounded love, little Scott dwelt and evolved in a double universe. 

Sometimes walking upon bare and lustrous pavements, wet under numerous lamps, he seemed a supple sapling on all that golden looking-glass redolent in his filial hall of mirrors while sometimes he seemed to float through the sky to a confluence of universes; that of his parents and his colourful, deeply private galaxy. This bright, wet, dazzling intersection of morals and dreams cut deep, fated shapes and shadows in his soul. It enriched his reality and reflection even as it appealed strongly to anyone with the transcendental instinct about the dreamy and dual life of a child.

Interestingly, Tommey had an epiphany about his future quite early in life with the realisation that he could not bear to serve another man for too long or play underling to any man or woman as he never believed in wasting his most productive years in building another man’s dreams.

He conceived his dreams almost as the exact equivalent of the great Gothic cathedrals, the supreme creation of an era, conceived with passion by unknown artists. Like the passionate artist, he pursued his dreams unhindered by lethargy and that constant spell of self-indulgence that afflicts a man in his prime. His passion stoked by a hunger to succeed, he defied the odds of ambition and the usual elements fated to manifest as the bane to growth in the life of every man.

He deftly maneuvered through the labyrinth of disappointments and despair characteristic of this period in a man’s life; more astonishingly, he survived it.

With visages of failure constantly flashing at him through his rear view, Tommey navigated through the folds and challenges of enterprise with unusual tact and wisdom. Through his journey, mirth and hopefulness, were never absent from his heart and his face. Some people, one imagines, may be naturally dauntless and buoyant of heart, but with him, good spirits always seemed, far more admirably, to be the product of a strict program of self-improvement in his youth — he believed, like most truly modest men, in the absolute virtue of self-improvement — which had wrought deep, essential changes in a nature inclined by birth to the darker view and gloominess that cropped up elsewhere in the manhood circuit.

He didn’t seem to be happy out of some secret knowledge of the essential goodness of the world, or from having fought his way through grief and adversity to a hard-won sense of his place in it; they were simple qualities, his good humor and his optimism, unexamined, automatic, stubborn. He never failed to take comfort in his dreams and the possibility of achieving them.

However, the self-effacing billionaire businessman and philanthropist would not be rolling out the drums to celebrate his 51st birthday  due to the new global normal of social distancing. Were things normal, Tommey would have shut down a whole city anywhere in the world to celebrate his 51 birthday. He is blessed and prosperous like that.

Privileged Nigerians have not forgotten how he hugged the headlines on his 40th birthday many years ago when he ferried hundreds of people to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the party which is still talked about with gusto in social circles. But now he is older and wiser. For his 51st, he would settle for pockets of mini-celebrations by family, friends, and associates while basking in the blizzard of good wishes and felicitations that would buffet him.

There are so many reasons to celebrate though. He is hale and hearty; in a year when supposedly healthier, wealthier, more influential, and younger people are dropping dead at the speed of light, he or his household didn’t receive a card from a chiropractor. Neither is the thought of Led Zepplin’s summation that age 50 is halfway up the stairway to heaven on his mind. He is, however, not unmindful of the fact that at 51, life now seems shorter but in words and deeds, he evinces his gratefulness to God for the grace and good health to daily wake up without any aches and anxieties.

Funnily enough, students and ardent followers of history know that humanity is replete with stories of audacious and relentless men and women who go the extra mile to achieve greatness and outstanding success against all odds because of their ability to think outside the box when the majority of their contemporaries would rather stick to their comfort zones.

This has been the distinguishing and enduring catalyst that has propelled Scott to the enviable heights he has attained.

 With the ingenious outputs of his sound and savvy mind, he has scaled mountains, broken glass ceilings, and created new records. Though he operates in a conventional industry where strict adherence to stipulated ethos rule supreme, his pragmatic and unconventional approach to life has undoubtedly earned him a special place in the economic, political, intellectual, and social space of Nigeria. And, it is why he is respected and renowned for his industry and ingenuity.

Over the years, Scott has built a world-class multi-billion business enterprise in Osmoserve, which specialty has brought physical infrastructural transformation to the region and given jobs to countless of the region’s hitherto unemployed youths. He once said that Osmoserve was formed to also help address the infrastructural challenges in the Niger Delta and bring infrastructural transformation to the region by creating jobs and employment opportunities for so many unemployed Niger Delta youths. The indigenous company has earned the founder a reputation among top business executives in the country. Though an indigene of Akwa Ibom, his humanity extends beyond Nigeria. An astute manager of both human and material resources,

Scott is reputed as a man that is immensely endowed with towering intelligence, depth of character, and charitable authority in the marine and engineering services.

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