A Billionaire’s Secret Deity…See Femi Otedola’s Priceless Kiss On Mother’s Lips

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A Billionaire’s Secret Deity…See Femi Otedola’s Priceless Kiss On Mother’s Lips

A Billionaire’s Secret Deity…See Femi Otedola’s Priceless Kiss On Mother’s Lips
January 21
15:01 2018

• Why He Worships Her

If Femi Otedola, the billionaire chairman of Forte Oil would define his mother, Lady Doja Otedola, he would claim that the walls of her heart is lined with gold and silver; he would say that she lives by a moral code that dwarfed old England’s claim to chivalry and honour.

There are too many ways to describe Femi’s parent, and even the best couched adjectives couldn’t do justice to the task. Funnily enough, there are folk who see their mothers as instruments to be used and abused. But Femi Otedola considers his mom a deity to be worshipped.

The billionaire magnate and Forte Oil boss treats his mother like the proverbial goddess of verges by whose unwavering love and nourishment he grew up into the colossal man he has become. Notwithstanding his intimidating wealth and status, Otedola never shies from playing the dutiful, and doting son to his aged mom. Just recently, he was caught planting a kiss on his mother’s lips, in a fit of filial love. Very few sons share such a rare bond with their mother.


Otedola however, is remarkably different. The billionaire magnate is always ready to do the bidding of his mother and fulfill her yearnings. He never denies her of any motherly right over him and his wards. Expectedly, grandma Otedola is revered and treated like a benevolent matriarch by her beloved son and his family. So deep is the love she shares with her son that she earnestly blesses him and seeks God’s infinite mercies upon him every passing second.

Otedola duly reciprocates his mother’s unquantifiable love; he is always close to tears whenever he enthuses about the towering love, devotion and goodwill he enjoys from his mother. That perhaps explains why his daughter, DJ Cuppy could not avoid capturing his blissful kiss with his mom in camera. The picture predictably, generates a buzz on social media as you read.

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  1. Jokability
    Jokability January 23, 17:39

    I duff my hat for Chief Femmy Otedola. I am proud of you. For your love and care over your mom, God makes ways for you.
    I am a lady with a physical disability. I use a wheelchair. I am a mother and I know how challenging it is to raise children. Reading this, I have used you as a point of prayer.
    Keep up the great love. May God give you long life in good health.

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