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Pornstars! Who Will Save Nigerian Youths From Big Brother Nigeria Show Of Shame?

Pornstars! Who Will Save Nigerian Youths From Big Brother Nigeria Show Of Shame?
February 27
10:45 2018

*Payporte’s Indecent Liaisons With The Reality Show


Nobody knows why Payporte chose to officially sponsor the travesty called the Big Brother Nigeria reality show, but everybody knows the company is excited about its sponsorship of a show that promotes indecency and amorality.

The company, like a rogue god of depravity, sets up false theatres of decadent culture and intellectual debauchery, by its sponsorship of the Big Brother Nigeria (BBN) reality show.

Payporte’s sponsorship of the show elicits harsh condemnations in moralist circles. Not a few people are astonished that the company erstwhile notable as a good corporate citizen and socially responsible outfit, could identify with such despicable show.

The BBN show advocates no morals. All it does is promote random sexual escapades among its participants as can be seen in the conduct of past and recent housemates.

The incumbent participants in the show engage in condemnable acts of moral decadence as they expose their private parts and engage in lewdness unfit for broadcast.

There is no gainsaying Payporte manifests as a harbinger of amorality and cultural decline. It celebrates the kind of debauchery that led to the ruin of medieval Rome. There is nothing to distinguish the BBN house from a henhouse except that the inmates seem human and yet endowed with the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the guinea fowl – if we may insult the poor animal by comparing it with them.

And the Nigerian state fosters its debauchery by enabling it with lax laws and dormant regulations. Ever wonder why the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) remains a paper bull-dog? It has been domesticated and placed on a leash by social agents, like Payporte and DSTV/Multichoice perhaps.

Big brother, while showing them up as disposable lab rats, calls BBN contestants as ‘housemates’ but reality instructs that every participant in the Big Brother ‘experiment’ is captive to inordinate greed, poverty of the intellect and soul, lust for unearned riches and acclaim, and the ever domineering, voyeuristic, faceless “Big Brother.”

Participants in the BBN show, like their counterparts world over, elevate narcissism and absurdity to unimaginable degrees.

Inmates take have unprotected sex, knowing videos and images of their sessions are being broadcast to the world via digital satellite television. They indulge in reverse-intellectual chatter, unprotected and presumably consequence-free sex, disgraceful bickering, cutthroat rivalry and frittering away of precious time, just for the kicks of doing so.

However,  housemate, Bambam was on Monday night caught having sex with Teddy A in the bathroom

Recall that just yesterday, the internet was agog with controversies surrounding the pair over sex

However, viewers have gotten a clear answer as the pair were caught having sex in the toilet, thinking they were away from the cameras.

Recall that Miracle said all housemates have had sex, especially in the toilet, and that was the reason for missing condoms.

Pictures and videos of the scene has thrown social media agog as Nigerians are worried over Bambam who they think is being used by Teddy A.

Teddy A has a baby mama outside the house and a son.


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