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Stop The Rumour! Uju Ifejika And Ngozi Ekeoma Have Not Domesticated Their Men

Stop The Rumour! Uju Ifejika And Ngozi Ekeoma Have Not Domesticated Their Men
March 09
15:29 2018

· Why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about the female oil magnates

There is a popular notion about the alpha female; that she characteristically wants a ‘Yes man’ as husband but she does not want a man under her who is a threat, so she picks someone a little less manly, chauvinist or capable if you like.

It’s like an anti-Darwinian theory that enhances the reversal of roles. Woman becomes the man of the house, and the man plays second fiddle – the survival and supremacy of the ‘unfittest’ or weakling perhaps.
In Nigeria as in Europe, this reversal of roles is catching on like a wild bug.

It has caught with the likes of Uju Ifejika, Britannia U boss, and Ngozi Ekeoma, head honcho of Nepal Oil and Gas Services. These two beautiful Igbo women are having the time of their lives as they ascend the career ladder at work and return home to the waiting arms of their sweet and loving husbands. The billionaire oil magnates have succeeded in asserting their worth in an oil industry dominated by the male folk.

But they hardly experience conflict of interests between their work and their home; while they control big businesses that take a great deal of their time, they return home to enjoy the company of their caring and ever supportive husbands.

While Uju and Ngozi witness great turnovers from their works, their husbands, Emmanuel and Elder Ekeoma respectively, are content with the little they make from their businesses.

But very close buddies and apologists of Uju and Ngozi argue that being successful at work has never disturbed them from fulfilling their roles as dutiful wives and lovers to their husbands.

They dismissed claims that the female oil magnates have domesticated their men as the figment of imagination of rabble rousers who are intent on destroying the love and tranquillity in their marriages.

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