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Ego-Tripping. . . Again, Kayode Fayemi Dares Estranged Godfather, Bola Tinubu  

Ego-Tripping. . . Again, Kayode Fayemi Dares Estranged Godfather, Bola Tinubu  
April 07
10:16 2018
  • Disgraced former Ekiti gov. goes head to head against his benefactor

The fantasies of an egoist are often mightier than his will, but he commits to their attainment all the same. He wishes upon his pride forgetting that arrogance functions on the oxygen of its own foolery; eventually, he crashes and burns at the crossroads where conceit chokes to the stab wounds of its own fangs.

Were  Kayode Fayemi aware of such bitter truth, would dare to a duel his estranged godfather and All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, Bola Tinubu, for the second time? Apparently misled by the little fortune he has accumulated from his spell as a minister in President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet, Fayemi has once again tossed his hat in the ring to contest for the governorship seat of Ekiti State.

The man who was disgraced and beaten silly by a supposedly less qualified Ayo Fayose, current Ekiti governor, once again seeks to go head to head with his nemesis. But this time around, he would be fighting on two fronts: against Fayose and Tinubu.

Recall that Fayemi offered Ondo governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, with moral and financial support in a calculated bit against Tinubu’s candidate at the Ondo gubernatorial polls. Tinubu was livid he never expected such betrayal from Fayemi, a man whose political trajectory he contributed to in no small measure.

Akeredolu won the election and the distance widened between Fayemi and his estranged godfather.  Now, Fayemi is set to contest in Ekiti as the next governor after making so much money as a minister. He wants to contest against Tinubu’s anointed candidate, Sen. Babafemi Ojudu.

Fayemi who was voted out of government after his first term in office because due to alleged dismal performance is battle ready to conquer Tinubu, Fayose and the whatever odds exist at the next governorship polls in Ekiti.

Will Akeredolu throw his weight behind him too. Will he use the little resources in his state to fight their benefactor and political godfather all because of ego and power?

The greatest assassin of dreams is haste, the desire to reach things before the right time which often translates to overreaching them. Thus it is always good to measure thrice and slice once. Let’s hope Fayemi pays good heed to this immutable truth.



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  1. Teeeman
    Teeeman April 07, 16:35

    Your comment..Is JKF a politician? Asìwàju tried to make him one, but he misdcovered (please pardon me for using that word) himself. Let him, Akèrèdòlu and others pull their resources together, they will get the shock of their lives.

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    • val
      val April 08, 09:42

      Your is indeed a great shame on fayemi to have treated Tinubu that way but there is always another day . He will pay for this

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  2. Server
    Server April 07, 22:30

    Everyone has a right to decide his own destiny, remember.

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