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Indian twin-menace: Nigeria’s most promiscuous sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. Why billionaire housewives dread them

Indian twin-menace: Nigeria’s most promiscuous sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. Why billionaire housewives dread them
January 05
10:15 2016

They are the new fetish of the filthy-rich; the twin-menace that kindles their fire but extinguishes their virtue. That is why many a billionaire’s wife lives afraid of Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo. For the wives of Nigeria’s superrich, the fear of  Jyoti and Kiran  Matharoo is the beginning of wisdom. The elder sister is Jyoti and Kiran is the younger one.

The sisters  have Indian blood but they are from Canada; they are very stylish and daring. They are always willing to explore boundaries and the extreme with their male friends as long as the latter are willing to pay their bills. Your money determines the degree of pleasure you get from them.

They fly on private jets and first class in commercial flights. They enjoy the latest luxury perks at their beck and call and they fly to any part of the world, Monaco, London, Paris, inclusive to pleasure the loins and vanities of their superrich ‘clients’.

In Nigeria, they stay at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Ikoyi but they are currently lodged at the Eko Signature. Practically all the rich guys in Nigeria have spent time with them. Little wonder their names strike fear into the hearts of many rich, married women in Nigeria.

Just mention their names anywhere and you will see both married and unmarried women craning their necks and clutching at their men apprehensively. Notwithstanding their established notoriety, Nigerian men are willing to pay any amount to have these ladies as friends. Many have been known to visit their Instagram pages to glance at their half naked pictures and all. Unknowingly, they have destroyed so many homes.  Watch out for the list of men who have fallen victim. Ask  Sayyu Dantata, Aliko Dangote’s younger brother, he would confirm this.



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  1. Pee
    Pee January 05, 15:04

    You guys need to stop entertaining these girls like seriously

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  2. ronke ladipo
    ronke ladipo January 05, 16:27

    Can you please stop giving these girls a platform.

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  3. jesus
    jesus December 29, 01:10

    please fellows stop lookign womens like that, you in africa have the most beautifull womens around the world, dont need to look in other place that you have in your own home.

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  4. narr
    narr December 29, 20:55


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  5. Dantheman
    Dantheman December 30, 03:43

    Put the Bimbos in jail for 10 years

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  6. pete
    pete December 30, 09:50

    They are not Indian! They are Canadian, born and raised in Canada! My goodness!

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  7. Nam Degro
    Nam Degro March 12, 10:11

    That was done just to give a background story on Roy’s character.

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  8. Capt. Scroll
    Capt. Scroll May 17, 13:57

    its a lifestyle, live and let’s live

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