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The Capital on spot! Top footballer, Mikel Obi’s manager, John Shittu marries Vivian Chiologhi in London

The Capital on spot! Top footballer, Mikel Obi’s manager, John Shittu marries Vivian Chiologhi in London
June 07
06:24 2016

• Despite criticisms, The Capital got it right with its exclusive report on the marriage

By Tolu Banjoko

The lies of a coward are never gratuitous, at least to the cowardly; they often compensate for the inadequacies of his or her life. However, lies told by a coward sometimes, are simply fashioned to inflict hurt or unprecedented pain in the cockles of the valiant’s heart. What the latter does in the wake of such attack determines his or her place in the columns of humanity’s best or worst.

Picture the coward as John Shitu and the valorous, as The Capital, and you just might understand the tragic depths of John ‘s embarrassment at the moment.

Interestingly, however, several media predictions have overtime served as nothing but material for idle gossip or small talk at tea parties and tattle-fests; seldom does a medium prove itself to be an exception to the norm. But The Capital is remarkably different. It is never the publication’s intention to be haughty neither is it desperate to arrogate to itself any gift of clairvoyance but it need be said that The Capital online and its print edition epitomize the essence of a fast-fading culture and high art of journalism practice.

Driven by a passion to elevate news reporting and celebrity journalism practice, The Capital had at various instances undertaken tasking and often challenging roles in getting the news and incontestable truth out there for its teeming readership. And just recently, the medium, in its true spirit and high culture of journalism practice, reported that John Shittu, the popular Mikel Obi’s manager was set to marry 51 year old woman, Vivian Chiologhi in London.

No sooner did The Capital publish the report than John, whose claim to fame was being Mikel Obi’s manager, attacked the medium claiming the report was a sham. He spat into the air and received it with measured cadence. Now that news of their marriage has gone viral in both traditional and new media, The Capital has been vindicated.

The medium hereby re-emphasizes its commitment to professionalism and journalism’s best practices in its discharge of its socially responsible role as watchdog of the society.

Yes, Vivian Chiologi who owns the popular salon, Pride & Joy in Lekki, Lagos got married to NFF licensed football agent, John Shittu at the Dorchester Hotel in London. John, a widower who lost his first wife 6 years ago was all smiles at the wedding.  The  football agent’s first wife, Ibironke Alake Shittu died in 2010, following a brief illness in London.

John Shittu 2

John Shittu 4jpg

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John Shittu 3


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  1. Bulala
    Bulala June 09, 18:10

    Hahaha,no vex The Capital…John Shittu is still denying because he has made it clear that he can never leave Baby Mama 1.Who is Labo Yetunde Akala mother of his two children -Funto & Funsho but since his late wife’s kids Yemi & Tobi didn’t accept her, he married Viviann as general nanny & house keeper.Infact Labo lives with her kids in one of John Shittu’s homes in London ,a home he visits often.He is just playing along with Viviann.Labo has his complete heart!!!

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  2. Tunde
    Tunde June 09, 19:40

    Vivian must have agreed to the threesome.Labo Yetunde has been an in separable item with John Shittu for almost twenty years,even his late wife was well aware of her.On John instruction she is single and all his.

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  3. Chinedu
    Chinedu June 09, 19:44

    The Capital,very funny.A man is in polygamy in London and you dey blast his story?.You no know say that’s against the law in the UK?

    Reply to this comment
  4. Kuti
    Kuti June 09, 19:50

    Vivian isn’t naive.Threesome is always good.She’s a guru in that.Remember ,Polo John and Makanjuola.Pls leave them alone what’s new in the sky in this age and time.

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  5. Bimpe
    Bimpe June 09, 19:59

    Poor Vivian.All that glitters is not gold.

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  6. Femi
    Femi June 09, 20:09

    The Capital yes you were spot on!.But….Shittu wanted it quiet because its an arrangement for him to have a respectable home front while Vivian gets paid regularly and whatever else she negotiated .Your spot on story nearly cause him the love of his life-Yetunde whom he even left his first wife for before she died.

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  7. Aboderin
    Aboderin June 09, 20:25

    You have said and shown it all,Capital No 1.Shittu was all smiles is Vivian smiling like a happy bride?.She knows what she agreed to.Pls wish them well.

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  8. Kunle
    Kunle June 09, 20:30

    I dey laugh ooo.You guys take it easy.From what Shittu said Vivian would be based in Lagos,Yetunde is madam in London.Perfect arrangement .

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  9. Lola
    Lola June 09, 20:39

    All these bad belle people.Afterall,Shittu dated numerous babes offering them this threesome arrangement.Rewards included Lots of cars,pocket money,kids,holiday in choice destinations so what is wrong if he finally found someone who agrees to that?.

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  10. Bulala
    Bulala June 09, 21:16

    Kindly bear with our man John Shittu,he needs no publicity for he is publicity personified.He was at a bar recently talking on top of his voice and gisting with friends on how he’s had a fresh experience of carrying Vivian around for IVF options.Hilarious!

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  11. Soni
    Soni June 09, 21:32

    Spot on The Capital.Ok o,pls decode.Several mediums have said Vivian is a wanted person in the USA so pls what was her offence.Hope it is not murder?

    Reply to this comment
  12. Alaba
    Alaba June 09, 21:54

    John Shittu is just too wild.Everything about him is scandalous ,Mikel’s transfer was etc etc.A simple google search would have helped Vivian.But if Shittu’s version of the story is right.He picked up Vivian at a bar at Four Seasons Hotel that was their first meeting ,date et al.Nanny,House keeper and threesome partner for Shittu is better than glorified hairdresser in Lagos!.

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  13. Tony
    Tony June 09, 21:57

    So you took her for IVF is that a bar parlour story for your friends?Shittu get a life!

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  14. Tunde
    Tunde June 09, 22:07

    Spot on Capital dey slow even me done quickly go check out what competition our sister Vivian is up against.Labo Akala (as she is on face book) is a beauty, who studied at a top niche school in France,pls Vivian go school at all?

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