2019 elections: Bank Chiefs Betray Atiku Abubakar

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2019 elections: Bank Chiefs Betray Atiku Abubakar

2019 elections: Bank Chiefs Betray Atiku Abubakar
November 29
11:25 2018

* Their frantic quest to exploit forthcoming polls
* Conflict of trust tears political associates apart

Bliss resonates in discord for the impish with survivalist instinct. Indeed the melody of chaos and boundless loathing extols the shady lust that runs mischievous minds amok in the heat of conflict.

Little wonder men and women in high offices, bank chiefs in particular, are conflicted and yet excited about their chances at profiting as the political and socioeconomic arena dissembles, en route the 2019 general elections.
As the elections inch closer, the arena witnesses predictable and shocking desertions, alignments and re-alignments among political players and business men, whose fortunes are tied to the ensuing political drama.
Political juggernauts are becoming intrepid enough to publicly associate and show their preferences. In the same vein, business moguls and economic players are coalescing, albeit discreetly, to choose which side of the divides to lend their support to.

Key among this group of economic players are managing directors and chief executive officers of top Nigerian banks. While loyalty of some bank chiefs is becomes predictable based on their closeness to and affinity with certain political leaders, there are others whose allegiance is yet to be unravelled.

The major question agitating their minds is which camp to pitch their tents. A section of Nigerian bank chiefs may have had their fortune shored up; there is also a group for whom the coming of President Muhammadu Buhari had been with burdens because they were very close to Jonathan Goodluck.

Few have had their sterling careers truncated as they played host and guest to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), while several others have emerged unscathed.

Like the bank chiefs, tough time also lies ahead for political players like Atiku Abubakar and his associates, as all the bank MDs and some top businessmen and women who they thought were going to give them money for campaign have all backtracked.

It has gotten so bad that the some bank chiefs and some top businessmen and women, now avoid phone calls from the Atiku campaign group, because the ruling party must not know about it hence you be a person of interest. Sad!
At the backdrop of this proceedings however, pundist aver that very soon, the ruling party, APC, will also lose some of its very top loyalists for Atiku’s PDP, among other parties.

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