One Epic Anniversary: Dignity And Class As Femi Otedola Celebrates Wife, Nana’s Mother At 90

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One Epic Anniversary: Dignity And Class As Femi Otedola Celebrates Wife, Nana’s Mother At 90

November 17
05:54 2023

One of the major sources of joy of Femi Otedola, is Nana, his beloved wife and eternal soul mate. For a man with the world at his feet, literally, earthly things shouldn’t necessarily excite him. But for the 90th birthday celebration of his beautiful mother-in-law, Madam Cecilia Abosede Attah, two things would have happened; either Nana chooses to ferry her guests to any part of the world and throw a party that privileged and preeminent attendees would relish, recall and recount eternally with gusto; or her husband would shut down the Lagos social establishment with a breathtakingly glamorous party.

Not because he fancies showing off his enormous wealth; far from it; but because he cherishes Nana, the mother of his kids and the one who adds plenty sheen to his glowing and glorious being.

No doubt, the sinfully beautiful Nana is the darling of her friends and family, and even the younger generation love to be around her. They consider her a friend, benefactor, confidant and mentor to mention but a few. But even at that, she is hardly given to fickle idolatry, unlike most of the women she shares the right to acclaim and celebrity status with.
A courteous woman, Nana incontestably occupies a respectable spot in the pantheons of Nigeria’s high society. She is enthrallingly beautiful, approachable and very fashionable too thus making her the darling of the high society.

Interestingly, however, if  Nana Otedola would define her mother, she would claim that the walls of her heart is lined with gold and silver; she would say that she lives by a moral code that dwarfed old England’s claim to chivalry and honour.

There are too many ways to describe her parent, and even the best couched adjectives couldn’t do justice to the task. There are folk who see their mothers as instruments to be used and abused. But Nana considers her mom a deity to be worshipped. She treats her mother like the proverbial goddess of verges by whose unwavering love and nourishment she grew up into the woman of substance she has become.


Yes, some days ago, there was a kindliness about Madam Attah’s 90th birthday anniversary. There was that indescribable gloss and glamour it gave, like the memories of an evanescent yet priceless event.

Mama Atta glowed with joy as her son-in-law and his immediate family: daughters and wife, Nana, partied and milled around her in the company of their friends and business associates.

Jubilation was in the air as the handsome, easy-going billionaire led a posh crew of businessmen, politicians, entertainers and diplomats to celebrate Lady Attah in a very private and classy shindig. They wined and dined and partied in an opulent ambience, in recognition of Mama Attah’s extraordinary womanhood, and her contributions to the progress of loved ones and humanity at large.

The party was special because only Otedola’s closest friends, business associates and family were invited. And as the centre-piece of the party, Madam Attah was the picture of elegance in a bright, lacy, pink garment.

Notwithstanding, the billionaire magnate appeared handsome and trim, resplendent in a three-piece white agbada; he and his daughters swished through the glistening room in sheer joy, taking the party by storm.

The atmosphere pulsed in lambent chromaticity and reverberant buzz of the high society crowd trooping to the Attah matriarch’s shindig. So breathtaking was the party and consumption of continental cuisines and drinks that the rivers of champagne and expensive alcoholic drinks thinned to a tributary.

It indeed was a rare feat. Indeed, Mama Attah could not have wished for a more perfect 90th anniversary. For a woman who lived an impactful life, it was only fitting that she enjoyed the rare privilege of such a grand birthday celebration.

The billionaire businessman acknowledged Mama Attah’s amazing womanhood; eulogising her, he stressed that no sacrifice would be too much to celebrate her hence his decision to tweak his hectic schedule to host the nonagenarian to a memorable anniversary and spend quality time with her.

Otedola is humble, classy and true to his loved ones; he never approaches them with unnecessary airs and pretensions of prestige. Unlike too many of his billionaire peers who continually yield to the lure of vanity.

Unlike most of his peers whose busy schedules deny the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones, Otedola endeavours to party and have fun with his family. So chummy are they that his daughters experience no inhibitions in their relationship with him.

For instance, the billionaire magnate cut an interesting but funny picture as his daughter, DJ Cuppy dressed him up in a headgear at the event to the delight and amusement of their friends and relatives present at the event.

Such is the lack of pretension and amazing manhood of Femi Otedola.

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