British Airways’ shabby treatment of Nigerians

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British Airways’ shabby treatment of Nigerians

British Airways’ shabby treatment of Nigerians
March 21
09:48 2016

British Airways, BA, is desperately in pursuit of two passenger divides: one Nigerian, and the other, for the rest of the world — the two divides, though informally perpetuated, are separate and unequal. British Airways authorities no doubt consider its Nigerian passengers minions and expendable; little wonder the airline subjects Nigerians to the worst treatment possible. Like recalcitrant racists, desperate to preserve the perks and privileges enjoyed by whites in the slave era, British Airways, the United Kingdom’s most viable air carrier, doles haughtily, hideous barbs on every flight.

It doesn’t matter whether you travel first class, business class or economy class, as long as you are Nigerian, British Airways staff will shove you alongside fellow Nigerians into a rickety, poorly ventilated and badly serviced airplane. No matter what class you travel, as long as you are Nigerian, you will be treated to vile tasting meals – usually accompanied by dried out salad and rotten meat.

This has become worrisome considering the huge profit the British carrier makes from Nigeria; despite its discourteous and scornful cabin crew and ticketing office staff, hordes of Nigerians including superrich industry titans, politicians, celebrities and ever ubiquitous fortune seekers continually throng its corridors and aisle thus justifying the airline’s shabby treatment of Nigerians. More worrisomely, Nigerians have learnt to turn a blind eye to such an eyesore simply because they of the oft overwhelming excitement coursing through their psyches at being able to leave Nigeria. Regardless of the individual reasons people constantly troop to travel by BA, it gives the airline no reason to disregard and be contemptuous of its Nigerian clients.

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